7 Enemies Of Motivation

Motivation is an internal state that leads us to achieve a goal or a certain purpose and maintaining motivation can sometimes be a complicated task.

There are many ways and tricks to keep the motivation awake but it is also important to know how to recognize and face some causes that can make it falter and make us think that we will not be able to achieve our goal.

Enemies of motivation

1. The pessimists

Get away from them as much as possible if you want to keep your motivation alive.

2. Comparisons

You are unique, just as I am and your mother is. Comparisons are useless. You are different from the rest of people. If you have to compare yourself with someone, be with yourself in other times of your life. It is a reminder that you are capable of changing.

3. Lack of preparation

Simply sometimes you are not prepared to do what you want to do. Form yourself, study, being prepared will guarantee you fewer setbacks in the future.

4. “I do not deserve it”

You are worthy of your dreams. They belong to you and you deserve them. No matter how big you are, you must fight to get them. Do not let fear stop you.

5. Perfection

You are not perfect,  and that is very good. Thomas Edison once said: “I have not found how to make light, I have found 1000 ways of how not to make a light bulb” If you do not make mistakes and do not know the wrong things, you will never learn how to do them well. It is foolish to think that perfection exists.

6. Inappropriate goals

It is good to set high goals, the difficult thing is to make a plan to get them. Set specific short-term goals without losing sight of your main goal.

7. The excuses

Listen, we can all invent excuses to do nothing in this life. It is the most basic way to hurt yourself and cheat you. Do you want to take the easy way?

 I do not think so. Enemies of motivation can eat many and many fronts, so it’s best to be prepared. What is your enemy number 1? I wait for you in the next one. A big greeting, Andrea.

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