10 Times Museveni Has Proved To Be The Coolest President In Africa

President Yoweri Museveni of Uganda has been in power for more than 30 years now. At 73 years old he is one of the longest serving presidents apart from the ousted former Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe.

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During his reign, Museveni has proven to us that he can be a cool president. We have captured some moments he shared where he just went beyond being such a powerful president.

1.Playing football

The longest serving President of Uganda, President Yoweri Museveni has not proved us again that he can be a cool president in Africa.

Yesterday, he shared photos of his juggling skills with a football. At 73 years old one would mistakenly think he is just 50 years old.

He was launching a football locally organized tournament in Uganda.

2.Grazing his animals in a open land

If you follow President Yoweri Museveni’s lifestyle, you will be forgiven if you thought he was no longer a head of state.

Just after warning his soldiers over prostitution, Museveni told us that he was not growing old because he does not drink alcohol, giving a healthy tip to those who like the bottle.

He has shown the office men and blue collar men a door to farming.

The chief in commander of Uganda armed forces took to twitter to appreciate the value of indigenous cows and importance of believing in our very own home breed animals rather than those we consider artificially empowered breeds.

3.Warning Prison wards of Prostitution

Uganda’s long serving President Yoweri Museveni presided over more than 900 prison officers who were graduation to become his country’s service men.

While appreciating their hard work , he also reminded them of the ever growing menace of prostitution and alcoholism, telling them off threat ‘Umalaya’ and alcoholism would render their life useless.

President Museveni also reminded the nation that, despite his Christianity backgrounds, he would reconsider the death punishment to Ugandans

Few months ago in 2017, he also warned his soldiers of the same predicaments of prostitution and alcoholism.

4.Graced semi-Nude girls cultural show

Uganda’s long serving President Kaguta Museveni spent some of his last days in the year 2017 attending and officiating several functions in Uganda.

And one that has pulled cameras directed to him, is a function of cultural celebration in Uganda.

Several groups of youths showed of their rich culture.

Even though boys were OK to go without tops , ladies idea of going topless raises eye brows especially in the presence of such a top rated leader.

President Museveni would have been forgiven if we were still in the 20th century, but 21st century has no place for such outdated cultures.

5.He is a ‘comedian’

If you ever feel like bored, remember that there is a twitter handle that belongs to Uganda’s only man Kaguta Museveni.

Apart from being an official account, Kaguta’s account is a source of entertainment.

Many followers read his tweets not because of what he communicates, but how he does it.

He served them today with a Christmas message, but the reply from his message were hilarious.


6.Cautioning his soldiers of AIDS

Uganda’s long serving president, Yoweri Museveni has sent social media into frenzy after he advised his soldiers to shun away from prostitution in an open ended remark.

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He made the remarks during a graduation event in which he congratulated his men besides giving them more life hazard dangers as a soldier.

Museveni was once a guerrilla soldier who led to coup that ended the rule of Ugandan former president Milton Obote.

He has swarm into the international limelight in the manner he has vehemently thwarted the efforts from opposition leader Kizza Besigye who wanted to succeed him.

7.Launching a road while he is seated on a chair

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About 3 years ago, he shocked us when he launched and commissioned a Ugandan local road project when seated on a chair

8.Riding a bicycle

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He has also cycled himself on a bike. Isn’t that cool enough in Africa?

9.Driving Himself

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African head of states are so proud not to drive themselves around. But Museveni has ever did so. Not on one occasion but several occasions when e feels so.

10. Claimed Land and not water on Migingo

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About 5 years ago, the debate over the identity and the possession of Migingo island had been a thorn between Kenya and Uganda relations.

At one point, Museveni ad announced that the water belong to Kenyans while the fish and the land belonged to Ugandans.

It was very funny and hilarious then


President Yoweri Museveni remains to be one of the cool presidents in Africa.

Saying the man is down to earth may be an understatement considering how he has spent so many moments on the soil than on the red carpet.

While South Africa were busy removing a corruption tainted president Jacob Zuma, President Museveni was busy harvesting from his fan in Uganda, like nothing was happening to his fellow.

Museveni has been one of the rogue presidents in Africa considering that his government has been autocratic and supported corruption cartels.

Museveni has literary send Ugandans to dogs at the expense of his poor leadership skills.



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