Kenyan Female Celebs Who Are Addicted To Miraa Chewing Habit

If men can chew miraa for the whole night, women can do that even better.

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Kenyan women have not only preached the word of equality, they have been also the doers.

From smoking bhang, alcohol, shisha and other related hard-drugs to miraa chewing, Kenyan ladies have been hardened to endure the excitement received after absorbing this brain catalyst drugs.

Miraa aka Khat, is a popular chew for many men, including male celebs. But for female celebs to chew is another set of strange news.

We have compiled a list of Kenyan female celebs who have been chewing Miraa drug

Elizabeth Irungu- TV anchor

TV Girl Elizabeth Irungu is one of the few presenters who have gone public about their addiction to drugs.

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Elizabeth is not only a fan of Miraa aka Khat, but is also aware on how the the drug should be used if you wish to get high.

And she just schooled fans with better advise for the drug.

About a year ago, the drug was banned in UK, which made a list of top Miraa importers from Kenya.

Check out her post below

I leave my resort in Nyali and go chewing daily at the beach! 'kodhadhe' 😂 Coz najua nikirudi Austria,i won't get this…

Posted by Elizabeth Irungu on Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Veronicah Kagwiria Njeru

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Veronica is former girlfriend to Nick Mutuma, the famous lover boy and a film actor.

The two, though separated now, were huge fanatics of chewing Miraa and even selling the common drug around Tigania town, in Meru regions

Vanessa Chettle

Kenya’s top socialite and former KBC media person Vanessa has confessed on several occasions that she was addicted to hard drugs including cocaine.

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Locally, she was addicted to chewing Miraa, just like men did, she also was not left behind

Famous Miraa breastfeeding mother

This woman was caught on camera chewing miraa and drinking alcohol while breastfeeding her child. PHOTO | NAIROBI NEWS

In 2017, a young mother shocked fans during the Koth Biro tournament in Nairobi when she was caught drinking alcohol and chewing Miraa while breastfeeding her toddler.

This was a health hazard for the young helpless kid

Meru passenger

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In yet another related incident, passengers on board Meru matatu were shocked by a breastfeeding mother who could not stop chewing miraa while breastfeeding for a trip of about 5 hours



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