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10 Tips For Having A Love Relationship At Work Place According To HR

Finding love at work doesn’t sound far-fetched when we are realistic and realize that this is where we spend most of our time interacting with other people during the week.

Although the Labor Law does not prohibit love affairs in the office, it is up to each company to define whether or not to allow them and, where appropriate, to set the rules it deems appropriate.

For this reason, and taking advantage of the fact that love is in the environment, we present you some recommendations from Human Resources consultants

Tips for having a healthy relationship at work

  1. Check if your company contemplates in its policies or guidelines on how to have a love relationship at work.
  2. Do not reveal the relationship , unless it is something stable and future.
  3. In case the company establishes among its policies that the boss should be aware , think about how to explain that the relationship will not affect your productivity.
  4. Have individual spaces, activities and friendships at work.
  5. Avoid talking about relationship issues in the office because it can lead to interference from colleagues.
  6. During work hours, treat the other as a colleague , not as a partner.
  7. Agree to take vacations so as not to affect your work .
  8. Do not use the work tools – institutional mail or company cell phone – to send messages of love.
  9. Respect the work space , do not romance or be together all the time.
  10. Avoid getting involved in the other’s professional life.

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