10 Tips To Get Pregnant Within Three Months

Most people thought it’s just sex and just the sex only. Human beings are wired in a very complex pattern and everything must work together or else just focus on sex only don’t get u pregnant.

Avoid anxiousness.

Anxiety is a physiological factor to succeed but when above normal it becomes counter productive. The same brain that regulate other body communication is subjected to over worry.

Too much worry can make your body to release hormones like cortisol to calm you down and unfortunately this hormones may interfere with your reproductive hormones.

Learn to calm down and make yourself happy. When your are happy, your body releases oxytocin and serotonin, and this hormones are good for your body metabolism. So Be calming down.

Change your perception to sex:

Sexual engagement is not only to get pregnant. Engage in sex with your husband to enjoy yourself. Be happy, crave for it as you do to your best food

Shun bad habits.

Stop smoking and alcohol intake. Don’t be a secondary smoker( don’t be around people who smoke). Sleep well, do exercise like jumping, skipping rope, etc

Get your diet right.

Reduce your weight, it is very important not to be overweight and under weight , stop eating junk, sugar coated foods and drinks, do more of fruits and vegetables e.g avocado, barley max, guava,spinach, broccoli, gorontula.
If you can afford it, get an organic gel that boost fertility like VAGINNE.

Identify your ovulation period..

Get an ovulation predictor kit NOW NOW to help you and engage in regular sex with your husband during your fertile window and ovulation day.

Treat infections..

dont underate any form of infection…PID, UTI, STI, Yeast Infection etc
Dont undertreat or else you block your fallopian tubes.

Confirm the sperm is of good quality.

When you ask some, is your husband OK? They will answer YES. How do you know, he is OK? It’s not by imagination or what he tells you, but by true verification.He needs to do test especially SEMEN ANALYSIS TEST.

Avoid non prescribed DRUGS.

Stop taking all kinds of drug prescribed to you by friend, neighbour’s, quacks, just because you are desperate.
Stop drinking all kind of natural herbs that you can’t verify its components and authenticity. You may be overworking your liver.

Make yourselves happy and avoid depressive factors with yourself, unnecessary arguement, disagreement, fighting with your husband and husband family or vice versa.

Stop being jealous with those who gave birth, be happy for them and wish them well from your heart.


Please always pray together with your husband …settle your dispute immediately .communicate your feelings to him…Learn to give to those who are in need. Practice giving.

Be active on the group.

Make friends and enjoy wonderful and beautiful communication with our community.

Meanwhile ask questions on this platform.

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