10 Ways To Make, Save And Spend Money During Christmas

When you mention a December holiday, everyone thinks about spending. But I want to bring another notion and mantra.

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Make, Save then Spend!

Here are the reason why you should follow this idea.

  1. To avoid running bankrupt in January
  2. To Avoid getting into unnecessary debts
  3. To be safe from buying and spending on what you need
  4. To Invest and have another source of earning
  5. To save so that you can plan for future needs

How can you make money in December?

There are several ways, but here are some of the ways you could do. Applies to both employed and unemployed appropriately

  1. If you are a student on a vacation, you can do several temporary tasks such as article writing, tuition, sales and marketing, animal keeping, farming etc
  2. If not, why not start your own gift making business, make and sell. Or you can purchase and sell on retail.
  3. Tendering can be another option, purchase goods and services at a lower price then sell it to your customers at the market price
  4. When buying and spending, ask for discounts, the discount you get is the money you get as a profit. Save it!
  5. Look for loop holes in the society you leaving, try to solve the problems of your society by employing a business idea.

Now that we have got a clue on how to make money, let us look on how to save

  1. Prepare a budget and a money management plan, know what to spend, invest and save.
  2. Make use of reward points while going for shopping, this helps in making use of plastic money and saving liquid money
  3. Realize your earning, save, invest then spend what is left
  4. Ask for discounts while purchasing items , save the discount you given
  5. Do not just save in the bank, you can put your money in various forms such as real estate and buying shares.

The last moment is here, and is what many envy, Spending

  1. Spend on only what you had budgeted
  2. Do not spend vie the virtue of impulse
  3. Do market such before spending large sum of money.
  4. Always get the best deal while spending
  5. Spend on quality rather than quantity

Above all, enjoy and have fun during your Holiday Festive Season




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