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10 Things That Should Keep You Busy As You Wait For A Job Offer In 2018

Waiting for a job offer can be a taunting task especially if you just sit down on a chair and wait for it literary.

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However, there are many things you can do, to break the monotony of job waiting, and some of the 6 highlighted ideas can help improve your job experience and skills as well.


Take a look back at your health, and see something you can do to make it even better. Do some gym and find a good medical examination of yourself, it doesn’t matter the cost of your health!

2.Find a gig

Find a small hustle to do which can bring for you small pennies. This can be an own initiative of entrepreneurship to get you small money for your daily upkeep

3.Community work

Dedicate some of your energy to community work that doesn’t pay you at all, this is how you can demonstrate your love and how you cherish your own local neighbors.  Community work and side hustle can add your CV a good weight


Learn a new skill that you did not have before, just look at what your career needs, or even life survival skills like computer and driving skills, this is also a good build up of your CV


Find your weakness, and excess so much with it, just ensure that you do good to turn most of your fears into strengths


Do quite vigorous networking with professionals in your career, attend free and even affordable seminars and career forums in your field

7.Find family and friends

Try to locate you lost family and friends you once lost time ago, and you might just love and cherish one another, learn new things and even share more on job networking


Don’t you love religion, this is another yet golden opportunity to serve your God without any further excuse of work. You have almost all the days and time to thank God before you get busy again


Find your best active and passive leisure hobby you love most, for this case the active hobby is much recommended, you might just rediscover your other capabilities


Talk to yourself, find sometime even if you can afford to go for a lone holiday. And let your head just think about you in the past, today and in the future, you will discover and learn so much from personal intuition

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