11 Incredible Ways To Motivate Yourself

Motivating is not easy. If it were, we would be achieving our goals and you might not be reading this. But one thing is clear: we do not need to be motivated when we do something we love.

Find out what you are passionate about in life and establish goals to achieve it is the first step to motivate yourself.

 Now take a look at the 11 incredible ways to motivate that I present to you:

1. Hello, dream!

Write your biggest dream, your ambition, your project somewhere visible when you wake up. The roof above the bed is a great place.

You need to remind your brain what you want. Having it written creates a change in your mind and in your belief scheme.

What is not more than a thought and a dream is suddenly tangible and physical. It is not an imagination, it is something that can become reality.

“You can only make progress when you think big, you can only advance when you look away” – Ortega  Gasset.

2. Exercise

Physical exercise causes the release of dopamine, the well-known happiness hormone. Practicing exercise daily and especially at the beginning of the day will make you see it in another way. Do the test!

3. Out of distractions, Discipline!

Internet, smartphones , it is very difficult to ignore networks. But you must establish priorities, discipline is essential to create and maintain motivational habits.

Make a pyramid of priorities, at the base will be the least important and basic. And at the top your highest priority. Follow your daily plan every day keeping your order of priorities.

You will see how little by little you satisfy those priorities that are at the same time objective.

4. Necessary breaks

Take 10 minutes of rest for every 50 worked. It is proven that at 50 minutes the attention and with it the motivation decrease.

Try this technique: 45 minutes at the top doing the maximum you can and the other 5 minutes to review what was done and think about the next task. And 10 minutes to spend a little walk and refresh ideas and muscles.

5. Hands to work

Take an hour a day to learn some new skill: go rollerblading, control your temper, make bracelets, be assertive , sure there are many things you cannot do or can improve. Each one hour every day learning something new. Learning new skills increases our sense of worth and improves self-concept.

6. Try to give more than you expect to receive

Many people still do not see the importance of giving. But we rarely see something important or useful if we do not see a value at first.

There I understood how important it is to give and not to receive. I do not mean material things. A hug, a call, how are you?, A mood. Not only will you be more satisfied with yourself, you will spread the importance of giving to others.

7. Models

Look for examples of people who have achieved their goals. If they can, you too.

It will be good to know that many people before you achieved their dreams. Know them, read their experiences, opinions

Nobody is impossible and they show it.

8. Future plans?

Spend some time every day thinking about your future plans: where would you like to travel, what would you like to see, how do you want to celebrate your birthday?

Even if you do not know it later, it does not matter. The simple fact of programming and imagining future plans that you would like to do is already motivating, if you have your little bit of glory every day.

“Many words have come to a long way on foot before getting their wings” – Marie Henri Beyle.

9. Sharing is living

Share your thoughts, worries, joys, future plans, opinions, whatever! Sharing your thoughts is always therapeutic.

We are social beings by nature and we need to communicate to feel connected. As if you want to call your friend to tell her how good that new shirt is or your mother to tell her about your child’s school problems, do it without hesitation. Problems are less problems when we share them and the joys seems to be greater.

10. Kill your fears

Fear does not allow you to evolve. I’ll get it? Will I do it well? If not …? Enough! Face them and make it clear that you are sending. Everyone has a comfort zone, where we feel comfortable and safe. You will get out of it if you want to get what you propose. Remember that fears do not let you act.

“The only thing we should fear is fear as such” – Franklin Roosevelt.

But above all,

11. Do not take life too seriously

Sometimes it’s easy to forget that we’re just passing through. It is very important to achieve the goals you set and be better every day but remember that you will not live forever.

Appreciate the time you have to enjoy the little things in life, admire that you are alive. Enjoy your life but never stop growing

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