3 Very Powerful Ways To Stay Positive Despite Everything

Life puts you to the test constantly. Either the stress of work for that project that has been delivered, a family problem still unsolved, the hectic pace of life among the children, the discussion with your half-finished partner or all those dreams and personal goals that you still have left to comply

It’s hard not to be discouraged by so much chaos. If it’s not work, it’s your parents, if it’s not your parents, it’s you, if it’s not you, it’s your partner. You can not get yourself to go out of your way every two times because you will not get anywhere -at least the one you wanted to reach- and, above, you will feel very unfortunate every time you do it.

“Life does not get easier.” It is you who grows stronger “

I have developed a very simple 3 step routine to stay positive always despite the adversities or problems that appear in my day to day. It has taught me not only to understand more the problems, but to manage them in such a way that they do not affect my happiness and personal development:

1. Be grateful

Start every morning by writing about what you are grateful for. You can start by writing only 3 things. No matter how difficult your circumstances may be, there is always something for which you are grateful. Pay attention.

In addition, scientific studies show that grateful people are happier and healthier

2. Praise others

The best way to forget your own problems is to be kind to others. When you feel stressed or overwhelmed, send a message to a best friend or someone close by letting you know how much it means to you.

Leave a happy note on your partner’s desk or send to loving photo to your partner letting him know how much he brings you.

Helping others is the key to being happier. And this has been shown by science (

3. Count your victories

End each night noting your achievements of the day. When I had a trauma in my family, the simple act of making my mother smile was a miracle for me. Focusing on the small achievements of each day helped me stay strong during the long process we live. There is no better way to fall asleep than to remember everything that went well that day.

And it is that life does not become easier as we live it, it is we who become stronger. Staying positive is the way you can maintain a resilient mindset that will make you overcome all the challenges life has for you.

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