12 Things You Should Not Allow In Your Relationship

In the name of love, many people tolerate the intolerable in a relationship and we are determined to stop this behavior.

Love, if it is not good, is not love and that is why there are things you should not allow in a relationship. Before being unhappy, before putting yourself in danger, check what you can tolerate and what you can’t.

What you should not allow in your relationship

No, not everything goes in love precisely because it is not a war. For what we have lived and also for what we see around us, we sometimes tolerate toxic behaviors by considering them normal.

It is not normal to have a toxic relationship, starting there, even if you have found them many times in your path.

It is time to change the chip and bet on healthy relationships in which love may not be forever, but it will always be true love.

Pay attention to all those behaviors that you should not allow in your relationship.

1 Lies

No matter what turns you give because lies do not fit in any love story. Do not tell everything, there is no obligation to reveal to your partner all your secrets, but to be honest and honest with anything that may affect the other person.

2 jealousy

When do jealousy begin to be something sickly? Since we do not have a dangerous thermometer, it is best not to accept jealousy in any way. And, be careful, because an attack of jealousy is not forgiven either.

3 Aggression

Your partner may be a person who is angry in an argument with anyone, but when aggressiveness is shown in the couple immediately an unacceptable imbalance appears in a relationship.

4 Emotional blackmail

If in the end you end up accessing everything, to eat on Sunday with your in-laws, to always go out with their friends, to stay at home when you had plans, to have sex when he feels like it, if in the end you always give in, maybe you are living with an emotional blackmailer.

5 contempt

The contempt may be more obvious or more subtle, but they all cause you an inner prick that alerts you that something is wrong. From the typical ‘you are crazy’, ‘you who know about this’ or ‘you’re worthless’ to the most convoluted that make you doubt even yourself.

6 Criticisms of your physical appearance

Among the intolerable behaviors in a couple, the usual criticisms of your physical appearance stand out. If you are getting fat, if you are going so much makeup or if that miniskirt is too short.

7 Waivers

Let’s get rid of the idea that you have to give up some things for love. We must not give up anything. If you feel obliged to do so, it is not love or it is a love that does not suit you. Neither to work, nor to your friends, nor to your hobbies, much less to your personality.

8 Lack of communication

In no way should you allow the lack of communication in your partner. If your boyfriend refuses to talk to solve the problems, be sure that your relationship has no future. Or at least it doesn’t have a good future.

9 Changes

Does your partner want to change you? Then he does not respect you. Do you want to change your partner? Then you don’t respect him. Let’s make this clear in order to have some perspective of enjoying a happy and lasting couple.

10 Control

Should you allow, forgive or let your partner ask you for the passwords of your social networks, watch your movements, call you constantly or ask you for explanations of where and with whom you are?

Absolutely Be careful because in this case we are already talking about gender violence that can endanger your life.

11 Lack of independence

Nor should you allow your partner not to separate from you either in the sun or in the shade, to ask you to do everything together, not to leave your own space and time to be alone with yourself or with whomever you want.

12 Not be the first option

Do you want a couple or a roll? If what you want is a couple you should not allow not to be your first choice or to keep your relationship secret.

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