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12 Tricks Of The Supermarkets To Make You Spend More Money

Has it happened to you that you go for anything to the super and you go out with a lot of products and with much less money than you thought to spend?

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Well, this is over, as long as you know and detect the 12 tricks used by large supermarkets to make us spend more money and, of course, consume things we do not need.

And, eye, these methods are used in almost everyone, according to a study by the Colorado State University (United States).

  1. The cart, the bigger the better. The tricks start from the entrance of the supermarket. Since it began to popularize in the 30s, the super cart has not stopped growing. The reason is obvious: the bigger it is, the more it will cost you to fill it and many consumers feel bad if they do not. A half-empty cart causes sadness.
  2. The prices, with many nines. It’s a very old trick and we keep falling. In 2009, researchers at Colorado State University asked a group of volunteers to choose between two identical pens: one cost $ 2 and the other $ 3.99. 44% of people took the most expensive pen.
  3. What they want you to buy is at the height of your eyes (or those of your son). The products that the stores highlight are the ones that they are most interested in selling, probably because the profit margin is greater or the stock is bigger. Therefore they are placed at eye level. If you want other alternatives, you will have to search, and this is more uncomfortable. But, beware, not all eyes are on the same level. Stores know perfectly the enormous power that children have to dupe their parents. This is the reason why toys and candy are located at eye level.
  4. What you really need is always in the background. Another classic is placing the staples such as milk or eggs in the back of the store. As you have to buy them, you are obliged to cross the entire surface and, along the way, you will find succulent offers that you cannot refuse.
  5. What you do not need is at the beginning. On the other hand, the products in which the supermarkets obtain a greater benefit, such as prepared dishes, flowers or the bakery are usually just entering the supermarket on the right. This is because they are articles that enter through the eyes, because they are consumed immediately after buying them, and it is easier for you to fall into them if you have not yet filled your cart with what you really need.
  6. The boxes are on the left. Approximately 90% of the population is right-handed and tends to circulate on the right. All medium and large surfaces are designed so that the client flows in the opposite direction to the clock and runs as much as possible of the supermarket before reaching the box. The longer you travel and the longer you stay, the greater the purchase.
  7. Why have you moved? When you think that you already know your supermarket and you know where to buy what you need, it is when they change everything of site. This is to give millions of returns and find many products that you want to buy, even if you do not need.
  8. The clerk is your best friend. Although in many supermarkets this figure is on the verge of extinction, curiously in the most sophisticated stores it has reappeared. A very clear example we have in the Samsung Store, surfaces full of qualified employees who do not charge commission and try to solve the problems of customers without any aggressive sales technique. But make no mistake: this friendly treatment is in itself a sales technique, especially in a store where everything is expensive and there is never anything reduced.
  9. I sell you the bags (to take care of the environment). Is there really an environmental motivation behind this? Nothing of that. The bags are going to need the same (only the people who have a true conscience recycle them), only now you have to pay them. But, not only that, if you want a good and really reusable bag, large stores will gladly sell it, at a price not too expensive, so you can walk with it advertising the brand wherever you go.
  10. Liquidation products, the more disordered, the better. Have you ever wondered why the highly discounted items are located in a sort of dump where you have to search? The department stores have done it on purpose to make you believe that you are unearthing a treasure: as soon as you find something that is simply not junk, you will want to take it with you. In addition, these sections are designed for people with a lot of time and little money.
  11. We take the purchase home. More and more supermarkets are offering to take the purchase home for free. But, of course, nothing in life is free: you always have to make a minimum purchase that you almost always make with products you do not need.
  12. The last frontier: cash products. If you thought you had been spared buying more useless things, wait, you have not yet reached the box where chocolates abound, gossip magazines, chewing gum and anything strange as useless. These products, although they are not very expensive, are some of those that offer more benefits to stores.

Think about half of the purchases we make in a supermarket are not planned, something that happens, especially if we make the mistake of shopping with your partner or your children.


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