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10 Tips To Save Money For A Trip

The first obstacle for most people who want to travel is money, this is why we share the 10 tips that have served me the most to save and go traveling around the world.

  1. Record the expense

If you do not measure it, you cannot control it, the same thing happens with money.

To start saving start to know exactly how much money you are spending, it is important that you register EVERY penny you spend, including the sh.3 gum that you bought in the corner.

It sounds complicated, and it is, but at the end of the month you can see how much you spend on nonsense and will make you more aware, also consider it this way: if you can reduce sh.30  of spending on small things Like cigarettes, coffee, chewing gum, etc.

At the end of the month that is sh.900  or sh.10,800 in a year, of savings to travel.


  1. Reduce your habits by half

Once you have identified your expenses, try to reduce them by half. I’m not saying that you change your life radically, just that if you bought 2 coffees before, now you buy 1, if you went to the movies once a week, now every 2 weeks.

You will be surprised how much money you are going to save with this.

  1. Use coupons and promotions

The last times I went out to dinner with friends was thanks to coupon. It is impressive how much money you can save if you manage to take advantage of any available promotion and discount.

  1. Find a cheaper gym

You have to stay in shape, but you do not need to pay a fortune for this. Try to locate a cheaper gym, remember that everything is in order to travel.

  1. Go back to your parents’ house or look for a roomie

I only lived for a while and when I decided that I would start saving to travel around the world I decided to rent the extra room I had in my apartment.

It can be complicated and perhaps you will feel like a step back in your life but sharing a department or returning home from your parents will be a way to save thousands of Ksh. per month that will go directly to your savings for the trip.

  1. Use public transportation or buy a bicycle

Fuel, insurance, possession, monthly payment, risk of collision, damage, parking, and many other expenses that you will have when you have a car.

My suggestion is to sell your car and learn to move on public transport or better yet, use a bicycle,. As the saying goes, it burns fat and not fuel.

  1. Start your sh.10 piggy bank

I started a piggy bank where every time I had a coin of 10 or 5  put it there instead of bringing it with me, for 6 months I managed to raise sh.5,500  I have met people who in a year raised more than sh.12,000. That is enough money to make a very good trip.

  1. Make your own coffee

I am a fan of coffee, I consider it the drink of the gods, however, I have learned to make my own coffee and not only have saved money, but I have also enjoyed it more.

Avoid buying coffee and learn to do it,  the expense you will not do is quite considerable.

  1. Change of cell phone company

Nowadays the cell phone plans between companies are quite competitive, so why not investigate? Maybe you’ll find something better than what you have for half the price.

  1. Dinner at home before leaving

If your friends have invited you to go out to dinner or have a drink, always try to dine before leaving and being there just ask for something to drink, it is not the same to pay the bill for a complete dinner beers

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