14 Little Details That Are A World To Her

The little things you do for someone are the ones that really have meaning.

Because those are the things that show you that you are willing to put an effort into her or the things that interest her, without a reason.

You do not need to wait for her birthday or Valentine’s Day to show her how much you care and everything you would be able to do.

So, then, I make you a list of fourteen little things that really mean a lot to us:

1. Tell her how you feel

Men are known to hide their feelings, and just as you cannot always know how to feel, women are not fortune-tellers either. Your girl will appreciate being able to open up with her.

2. Do not pressure her

In general, people have enough pressures and problems, as to be immersed in more because of a relationship.

Let your relationship be a “place” in which to forget about worries, quiet, full of love and mutual support.

3. Do not criticize her food or beverage choices, as well as the amount of these

Phrases like: “Are you really going to eat that?” Or “Are you sure you want another drink?” More couples break than horns. Do not question their decisions, much less on food issues.

4. Accompany her to shops

I do not understand the reason why men get so stressed when they have to accompany their girlfriend shopping. You will have the opportunity to advise him to buy that sexy set that you will enjoy later

In addition, you will be participating in your favorite game of the world, buy. Take advantage and she will help you choose some clothes, we love doing that.

5. Adapt to what she wants to see

When you are part of a relationship, in addition to enjoying with your girl the things that interest you, you must also adapt to the things that she likes to do, even if it is something that does not make you especially illusion.

6. Remember the name of her friends

Women spend their lives talking about the things that happen, or not, to the people around us. So for your sake, and for that of the couple, you should remember who is who.

7. Learn to cook

You do not have to make your kitchen “the bulli”, or become Ferrán Adriá every time you invite her to your home, but teach how to make a couple or three of dishes. You will have it with you forever.

8. Have dates with her

Regardless of how long you’ve been with her, you should never stop having romantic dates. From a lightning trip, to a dinner for two or a simple drink on a terrace. It is important not to let things go dormant.

9. Answer her messages

I do not say that you have to be aware of whether she is going to speak to you or not, to answer immediately, but if she writes or calls you, you should answer, in a more or less prudential time, so that she does not notice that you ignore her.

That will show you that it’s a priority for you, even when you’re busy.

10. Surprise her with a massage

In addition to being a nice detail for her, after an exhausting day of study, or an intensive day of work, it is an excuse to physically approach her and make her feel relaxed.

11. If you are going to buy something, remember it

Do you fancy a coffee? I’m sure she’s glad you bought one for her. Do you need some socks? She will love that you bring her the same ones. Small details, which costs you nothing to do and which for her means millions.

12. Do not speak ill of your previous

The past, for a girl, does not have to have been bad even if the relationship did not turn out well. So she, if she has not motive, will not speak ill of a person she does not know, so I advise you not to do it yourself.

Also, if your relationship ends some day, she will be able to predict how you are going to talk to your friends or your next girlfriend about her. Something not too reassuring

13. Listen to her. Just listen to it

When a woman starts a conversation, or talks about a topic, it’s not for you to give her solutions, or even seek your opinion about it, she just wants to listen to her, understand her, or do what you do. two things.

14. Give space

The extremes are bad, if they ignore you or give you too much attention. Sometimes, she just wants to read a quiet book or watch TV, without more.

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