Student Caught Trying To Run Away From Prostitute

A student faced the wrath of an older and experienced prostitute after he tried to run away from paying her in the wee hours of Sunday morning. The student, only identified as Solo, of a public university took the lady to his university’s hostel within Parklands area, only to try and take off before paying what he owed. The drama woke up the whole men’s block, with the other amused students enjoying the moment.


Apart from paying double for the services he was offered, the lady went ahead to lock the student out of his room as she enjoyed the remaining hours of the night in his bed. It was his friends who rescued him from the cold by letting him squeeze into their shared room.

“Nyinyi wanafunzi hujifanya wajanja (You students think you are too smart),” the lady shouted at the curious onlookers who thronged the corridor outside Solo’s room, adding that she was going to teach them some manners.

According to friends who had gone out with him on tour of the local pubs at Ngara, Solo had drunk himself silly and managed to convince the lady to come with him ‘home’.

The lady of the night did not know ‘home’ was the hostels and agreed to follow him, thinking he stayed in one of the swanky house within Parklands.

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She was disappointed when they reached the hostels, but decided to continue with the arrangement, as it was already too late to go back and raining. Apparently, Solo convinced her that he would pay for her services in the morning after he had charged his phone, which was off.

After engaging in the agreed activities, the woman slept and Solo took the opportunity to try to beat the system by running off. Slowly, he collected his clothes, which were sprawled on the floor, opened the door without much noise and was halfway across the corridor tiptoeing when the door he left was opened with an ensuing wild and loud wail.

“Mwizii! Mwizii! (Thief! Thief!)…” the woman shouted, with Solo rooted on the spot in shame, shock and fear.

“Unakula matunda matamu hivo alafu unahepa? (How can you enjoy the sweet fruit and then try and run away?),” the lady charged as more doors started to open.

With only the sheets on her shinny and plump body, the woman looked out of place and it did not take much to figure out what she was talking about. She too was determined to let the world know of her

“Sasa wacha tuone nani ni mjanja. Utanilipa ama niishi hapa (Let us see who is smarter now. You either pay up or I will continue living in your room)” she said to Solo before taking his clothes from his hands, going back to the room and locking it from the inside.



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