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17 Comfortable Lies Society Has Made You To Believe

Which one hits hard for you?

Just because you believe it’s true, doesn’t make it true. Especially when it’s a lie.

Money is the root of all evil

Money is a tool. The person wielding it gives meaning. It has become increasingly popular to hate wealthy people. Politicians lead the charge because they do not want you to become sovereign. They want you to be dependent.

Wealth = Sovereignty

You should follow your passion

Bad career advice. Instead, you should use your time to make money. Once you become wealthy you have the opportunity to align your career path with your passion.

Build the foundation first.

Work hard and make more money

This lie sounds good on the surface but it’s not true. Hard work does not equal more money. It is not enough. You need to add strategy to your thinking.

Smart work equals more money.

You need to find your perfect match

The perfect match doesn’t exist. Get this out of your head. Focus on finding a partner that compliments you. Accept their flaws. Work together.

Everything happens for a reason

This type of thought is a trap. Instead of chalking it up to fate, take extreme ownership of your life. Understand that the reason “why” is because you LET it happen.

Choose career over family

When I worked a 9-5 I would see most people slave away at their job. HR departments promote a “family” environment. This is a trap (it’s a ploy to make you do more work).

Don’t sell your soul for pennies on the dollar.

Always choose family

Save 10% of your income

This is bad advice because it’s not enough.

If you aren’t a millionaire you need to be saving (and investing) at least 50% of your income. If you want to make real progress you need to have real standards.

Everything taught in Public Schools

I taught in public schools for 20 years. They are not interested in the truth. They are interested in conformity. The curriculum is designed with the intent to make you smart enough to follow orders. Be skeptical.

Breakfast is the most important meal

A lie propagated by Kellogg to sell breakfast cereal. It’s a clever marketing slogan that that was designed to make you consume.

Skip breakfast. Drink black coffee

Trust the science

Much of what we see in modern society isn’t science. It’s data that is manipulated to control a narrative.

It isn’t difficult to lie with statistics.

Always take promotions

This is counterintuitive but a 9-5 that pays well (with little responsibility) is a goldmine.

Titles feed your ego. They may not be worth it in the long run. Weigh your options. Make sure promotions are better for YOU before you accept offers

The secret to marriage is compromise

If you want to remain happily married stop using a scorecard. Give without the expectation of giving back. This is how a real relationship works

You need to get good grades

Think about how schools work:
• Memorize facts
• Take a test
• Repeat facts verbatim

The problem is tests in school don’t really test you.

Now, I’m not saying good grades are bad. They are nice. That’s it. Grades do not dictate your life.

High school will be the best years of your life

Something is wrong with your life trajectory if you believe this. Every day of your life should be better than the previous. Life gets better as you age.

If not, you are doing something wrong.

Money can’t buy happiness

Benefits of Financial Independence
• Less stress
• Improved health
• More time with family
• You can work on projects
• You will care less what other’s think

“Every single day will feel like Christmas Morning”

Be the last one to leave work

Set boundaries at your job. Let your results do the talking and leave when you are supposed to.

Use the 9-5 to pay the bills.
Use 6-10 to build the empire

Trust the experts

This is perhaps the biggest lie. The powers that be have convinced you to outsource your thinking.

They say, “trust the experts before you trust yourself.” This weakens your mind because you will begin to doubt what you see. Avoid

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