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17 Ways To Touch A Woman

A woman loves to be touched by her man, sensations of love hidden under her skin waiting for him to awaken them.

  1. Gently squeeze the palm of her hand when she is scared, it comforts her
  2. Gentle squeeze and rub her back when you hug her tight, it makes her feel safe
  3. Grab her bum with no apologies, it makes her feel wanted and desired by you, her man
  4. Hold her by the waist when you introduce her to your friends and family, it makes her feel secure
  5. Gentle rub her hand when she is worrying or has received some bad news, it shows her you care
  6. Hold her back when she is in the kitchen cooking and her hands are tied as you tell her how much she means to you, it makes her hardwork worth it
  7. Place your hand between or on her breasts as you both sleep, it makes her feel comfortable and warm with you
  8. Touch her tummy when she’s pregnant, it tells her she is not alone, daddy is there with her
  9. Rub her hips down when she is dressing up or when she is relaxing in bed, it makes her feel sexy
  10. Hold her hands when you two are praying, it shows unity before God
  11. Sneak from behind and wrap your arms around her, it makes her feel special
  12. Massage her shoulders when she says she is tired, it calms her down
  13. Stroke gently her back, tracing her spine, it releases sweet shivers all over her body
  14. Rub her feet when she’s had a long day, it tells her you are serious when you say you will take care of her
  15. Oil her body, her back, her elbows, her knees sometimes. Love on the body that you find sexy
  16. Hold her face, her neck as you kiss her, it melts and nicely weakens her. She loves to surrender to your masculine love
  17. Play with her fingers as you cuddle and talk, it tells her you’re paying attention.

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