20 Activities Single Ladies Can Do For Fun Before Marriage

This list isn’t inclusive of everything but maybe it can inspire you and your friends to spend this time of your life worrying less about dating and relationships, and focusing more on what God is doing in you right now!

  1. Go to that coffee shop you’ve been meaning to go to
  2. Start writing that blog or that book you’ve wanted to write
  3. Call up friends and go see a good, thought provoking movie together
  4. Find some good, clean music in your city and go see them live
  5. Have a night in and cook for your roommates
  6. Send a text to that friend you haven’t talked to in ages
  7. Go to the library and spend time browsing books
  8. Take your phone and go take pictures in your city
  9. Start drafting out a business plan for what you’re passionate about
  10. Call someone at church and see what’s going on this weekend and if you can help
  11. Volunteer with an after school program
  12. Have a movie/pizza night, even if it’s just you and one other friend
  13. Spend time digging into that book of the Bible you’ve been wanting to learn more about
  14. Redecorate your room, even if it just means rearranging furniture and organizing
  15. Start learning a different language
  16. Take a road trip to see a relative you haven’t seen in a while
  17. Find a fall festival or event in your city and just go
  18. Invite friends over to read the Bible together and worship
  19. Get a group of sisters in Christ together and plan an out-of-town girls trip
  20. Pray and ask God to open your eyes for ways to please Him while you’re having a good time!

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