20 Kenyan Celebs Couples Under 24 Years Old – Part 2

Celebs in Kenya are known to couple past their 20s, with most of them getting rather engaged in thirties before they settle down with a wedding.

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But the below celebs, have shown as a clear cut difference, with some of them who are barely 20 years already settled down with kids and even even celebrated their 1st wedding anniversary before hitting 20 years.

Let’s get to know them better

Hop Kid and Orio Yvone 23 years

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Hop Kid and Orio have been engaged for quite long time now and the two are surely looking to settle on a wedding day. What an inspiring young couple

Muhoho Kenyatta 21 years

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Muhoho has also been in love with a young love who he has not yet revealed. As a first son, his prvavcy matters

Ngina Kenyatta 24 Years

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Another kid to the president, romours got her in love, but the affair remains a secrete and private affair

Sean Andrew Kibaki 22 years

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Kibaki’s grandson, also another love boy, he has been in an open relationship, probaly not wedde but very happy.

Tallisa Moi 20 Years

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The granddaughter to former President Moi, is also another young girl to boot in an open love affair. Surely they gotta g down with a weddo!

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