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20 Money Saving Tips That Will Guaranteed Thousands In Your Bank From December 2020

When it comes to saving money, the cliche it’s easier said than done never gets old.

Just like many other people, you are not alone when you fail to save and meet that target.

That is why we want to share with you great money saving tips that are not only vague but will also guarantee you more cash in your bank account .

  1. At the end of every month, take 10% off and deposit it in a separate saving account, this will ensure you pay yourself first
  2. Then rush and immediately pay all your monthly bills, so as to have a peace of mind
  3. Any money you receive as a windfall should be directly used to set off debts or miscellaneous spending, if not deposit in your saving account
  4. Give yourself 30 days before buying something you want rather than something you need
  5. Bills below Sh.1000 should be paid via cash rather than bank cards or mobile money
  6. Never go for shopping in large markets when you are sad, angry or very happy
  7. Don’t buy news books, get them free from websites or borrow from friends
  8. Never go out to groceries and markets without a shopping list
  9. Avoid using connecting means of transport at a place you can walk
  10. If you have a car, always wash it yourself
  11. Bring your own packed food while travelling
  12. Don’t buy snacks at the movies, bring your own from home, don’t forget to carry own drinking water
  13. Stop using expensive hair cools and deodorants, find something unique and cheap
  14. Don’t subscribe to automatic mobile sms and calls renewals. Use them when in need
  15. Have several lines from different mobile service providers. Compare the rates and use the cheapest
  16. And of course, replace all your bulbs and use LED (which is now better than CFL).
  17. Assign one day for fasting as well as a non-spending day
  18. Choose hobbies that require less spending but improves your physical activities and exercise
  19. Avoid cash subscription services on internet, instead find cheap or free ones on Internet
  20. Don’t buy things you want, but those you only need.

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