20 Powerful Quotes You Should Repeat Every Day Of Your Life

Repeating these affirmations will bring you a little closer to where you want to go in life

Days, weeks and months await us, full of many highs and many falls. Let’s train ourselves to make the most of those moments and get all the juice they have.

The mind is like a muscle, and like the abdominals or the biceps, it needs to work to become stronger and more powerful. If you have not strengthened it, you will not be able to cope with the stressful situations that you will have to live.

Positive affirmations are one of the most simple and powerful tools to train the mind. A well-trained mind with positive affirmations has the right thoughts at the right times and is ready to rescue the bad guys.

Make your mind your best ally. I present to you a selection of powerful affirmations that I suggest you repeat to yourself daily:

1. “The biggest and most difficult obstacle that I will have to overcome is my mind.

2. “I cannot control exactly what happens to me in life, but I can control how I answer first.” In my answer is my greatest power. “

3. “I have to accept everything that comes into my life, and the only thing that matters is that I receive it with the best I have to give”.

4. “I will stop concentrating on my stress, and I will remember how lucky I am. Complaining will not change anything, a positive attitude will.”

5. “Being positive does not mean ignoring the negative” Being positive means overcoming the negative There is a big difference between the two.

6. “I’m not going to be stuck because of what it was or should have been, I’m staying with all the greatness of the moment, with everything that can be here and now.”

7. “I am not a product of my circumstances, I am a product of my decisions, it’s about not letting fear decide for me.”

8. “I will get up again.” And again, the faster I will recover from the setbacks, the faster I’ll get where I want to go in life. “

9. “My next step in the right direction does not have to be a big step”.

10. “Patience is synonymous with trust, acceptance, serenity and faith in my own capacity, it is a sign of strength, I will practice it.”

11. “When I see that I do not have time for what is important, I will stop doing things that are not important.”

12. “I can feel the power of my attitude when I decide to overcome dramas and distractions that do not contribute anything good to my life.”

13. “Instead of getting angry, I will learn the lesson, Instead of envy, I will feel admiration, Instead of worrying, I will act Instead of doubting, I will trust.”

14. “The longer I stay in peace, the stronger I become. The inner peace will make me progress abroad.”

15. “Self-care and self-love is not selfishness.” I cannot give what I do not have. “When I enrich my own life I can give others what they deserve.”

16. “If the grass looks greener in the neighbor’s garden, it’s the way life has remind me to water my garden more.”

17. “From now on I will take care of watering my own garden. I do not care how green it is from the neighbor.”

18. “I will concentrate on improving, not thinking that I am better”.

19. “I will be grateful, even in the most frustrating and frustrating moments, to see more clearly the positive solutions around me.”

20. “Happiness is here, what is happening at this moment, when I give everything of myself and I do the best I can.”

Embrace every experience you live

We only want to live positive experiences, pleasant moments and happy times. But reality has a much wider range of experiences.

Life gives us the opportunity to live experiences that awaken feelings that go from sadness to lament, from pride to anger, from love to loneliness. These feelings are part of a human being who lives and breathes.

We can rebel against the injustice of life-the injustice of having to deal with loss, having to go through adversity, having to feel alone or confused.

Or we can embrace every experience that life gives us, all happy moments but also all painful moments.

Life is not always happy and comfortable. Life is immense and real, and that greatness understands all kinds of situations.

To embrace all the experiences you will experience these days, months and years to come to every moment with your presence, your openness and vulnerability to reality, being kind to yourself in hard times, and being grateful in all the others. That is accepting life as it is, and that is accepting you.

Do not expect every moment to be great. Make every moment a grandiosity

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