20 Romantic Phrases Timid Men Can Use To Win Tough Girls On WhatsApp

One of the most common symptoms when we fall in love is to be speechless when we face that person who makes us feel butterflies in the stomach.

We have more than 59 phrases to link in different situations: by WhatsApp, where emoticons have a fundamental role; in a bar, when words and body language are very important; by Instagram, where breaking the ice is much easier, or for those moments when you simply say what you think without more.

For the timid, for the cut, for the shameful, but also for the most technological and original, WhatsApp has become the best ally to warm the ground before launching itself without a network into the marshy waters of love.

Because an innocent phrase to flirt can seduce him and leave him speechless or, simply, awaken to smile in the other person without committing you to anything.

And that in the end there is no effect? It will remain in an anecdote to comment on the WhatsApp group of friends.

1. Can you do me in favor? You can stop walking through my mind, I do not concentrate!

A phrase to link that, besides being fun, will dislocate the other person.

2. I’ve only been 5 minutes without seeing you and I miss you already

To send it when you have had an unforgettable date with that person and you have left wanting more.

3. My plan was not to fall in love, but you smiled at me and everything went to ruin

Who would not like to receive WhatsApp like this?

4. I smile like an idiot every time I think of you

Accompany this phrase to link with an emoticon and  you will have taken a very important step!

5. You are that moment that lasts all eternity in my soul

Different, deep and full of feeling.

6. One day I’m going to get tired of so much virtual distance and I’m going to look for you

To prepare the way for the next phase: a face-to-face appointment.

7. I want to have a new day in your mouth

A phrase to link risky, but maybe that’s why original. Perfect not to throw in the towel the first time.

8. I love my bachelorhood, but if it’s for you I’m able to leave it

A declaration of intentions!

9. I was going to tell you that I like you, but the truth is that I love

Who does not melt with this phrase to flirt?

10. You have the magic and the power to fix my day with just a smile

For those who are still in a first phase of flirting.

11. If I speak to you it is because you interest me; If I look for you, it’s because I care

The butterflies will appear in her stomach immediately.

12. I see you little, but I think a lot

Will I get the message that you want to be face to face?

13. Do you know that the angels are angry with me? Instead of dreaming about them I dream about you

To leave it out of play, without words.

14. I do not write to love me, I write to let you know that I love you

Lighter, impossible!

15. The problem is not your presence in my dreams, but your absence in my reality

Original way of knowing that you are in love for her.

16. Love connects us

A phrase to link very technological.

17. I’ve already got your phone, now I want to sneak into your heart

To intuit your next goal.

18. 24 hours a day, 16 I think about you and 8 I dream about you

It will reach your heart!

And although flirting by WhatsApp is something more and more common, we cannot forget (or lose the opportunity if it is presented to us) to display our best weapons of seduction when we meet someone in a bar or disco, on the street or on a trip or getaway with friends.

Because you never know where the love of your life may be, have a phrase ready to always link.

19. They say that stealing is bad, I never would, but a kiss of yours would gladly steal

To say it when the chemistry is evident and you notice that the other person comes closer and closer to you.

20. I read my horoscope this week and I was told  I would find someone special and suddenly I came across you.

Phrase to link directly. Use it if you want to leave it speechless or break the ice in a different way than usual!

21. Did the sun just come out or did you smile at me?

A fun idea to make the other person smile.

22. My parents have always told me to follow my dreams and I do. Can I accompany you to your house?

Ideal when I tell you that you have to go home. You will leave a good taste in your mouth.

23. Can I take a picture? It’s to tell my friends that there are angels

It will blush safe.

24. A crazy woman like me needs a screw like you

A very direct hint.

25. How long will you stay with me? I prepare a coffee or prepare my life?

After this phrase to flirt, the ball will be on your roof.

26. I feel like kissing you

One way to ensure a second date.

27. Time and reason stop between your eyes and love

I will not wait for you!

28. Since I’ve seen you, I’ve lost my mind for you

I feel like kissing you

One way to ensure a second date.

27. Time and reason stop between your eyes and love

I will not wait for you!

28. Since I’ve seen you, I’ve lost my mind for you. I think I need a lawyer!

A very nice metaphor to seduce .

29 I, here, trying to fall in love and leave me with that smile and that look

An excellent phrase to flirt and start on the right foot.

30. Forgive my unpunctuality, I would have liked to arrive before your life

Always works!

31. Do you believe in love at first sight or do I happen again?

A classic that I like very much!

32. When God invented beauty, he was inspired by you

Who does not like a compliment?

34. What a perfect combination of eyes and smile

You’ll wake up one smile instantly.

35. I do not need a prince to rescue me, I need you

So they can say that women are not direct.

36. If loving you is a crime, stop me, play me and for want to force me to serve a sentence.

A demonstration that what is yours is 100% true love.

37. Love does not have to be perfect, it has to be sincere

To say it or send it after a discussion.

38. I love you not only for how you are but for how I am since I’m with you

In case you still do not know how important it is in your life.

39. I’ll love you until the moon falls or the stars stop shining

Romantic butt.

40. Since I met you, I fell in love with you. Since I kissed you, I only think of you. Since you love me, I’m happy

How long have you not told her you love her? Here you have the perfect phrase.

41. Things I have always wanted to do that I never imagined, but one I’m sure: I’ll always love you

Tell her on a special occasion

42. My heart is perfect because you are inside of it

Tell him when you notice that he has doubts about your love!

43. I look at you, smile and ask myself: How do I like you so much?

For when you are still at the beginning of your relationship.

44 .When I’m with you, nothing else exists: it’s just you and me

To consolidate your relationship.

45. You are the treasure that I keep inside: I love you my life

To tell him one morning and surprise him.

46. I love you like the ducks want

Because love is also nourished by a sense of humor.

47. I ask you in favor: Never get out of my life

A phrase to link very tender and heartfelt!

48. I have experienced everything and I assure you that nothing is better than being in the arms of someone you love

49. Those who see no difference between the soul and the body do not have any of the two things

Oscar Wilde phrase

50. The heart has reasons that reason does not understand

Author Blaise Pascal

51. Always win who knows how to love

Belonging to the work of Hermann Hesse

52. Love does not need to be understood, it just needs to be demonstrated

Origin Paulo Coelho

53. In the end what remains is to embrace, trust in the other, love and be loved in the midst of the shooting that is life

Author Fito Paez

54. Do not tell me you miss me, tell me what time we see each other

From Mario Benedetti

55. The first kiss does not occur with the mouth, it is with the look

Author Tristan Bernard.

56. For your heart is enough your chest, for your freedom my wings are enough

Author Pablo Neruda.

57. In contact with love, the whole world becomes a poet


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