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20 Things To Keep In Your Mind If You Are Moving From The City To The Countryside

Many people who live in the city fantasize about going to live in the country one day in search of tranquility and a healthier life.

For the price of a small apartment in a large city they could buy a large house in the countryside, with a large kitchen in which to cook fresh produce daily obtained from their own garden.

In general, they imagine an idyllic life, where they could have a dog and take long walks with on the field daily.

However, reality is not always so peaceful. Basically, making such a drastic environment change requires some adaptation

1. There is so much silence

The first thing that will catch your attention is silence. There is a lot of silence … At first it’s nice, but when you’re used to the hustle and bustle of a big city, suddenly so much silence, day after day, can be overwhelming. A tip: put music. Silence will disappear and reassure you, at least for a time .

2. The night is devilishly dark

In the field there are no neon lights, or any other light at all, so unless there is a full moon (in which case you can see something), in general, at night the darkness is TOTAL.

3. But the stars are incredible

As in everything in life, the negative also has its good part. Look up at the sky and you will see it: A starry sky! One of the most beautiful images you’ve probably ever seen. Did not you know there could be so many stars in the sky?

4. You will not stop coughing during the first week

Do not worry, it’s like when you quit smoking, you’re just cleaning the pollution from your lungs.

5. There are animals everywhere

In the countryside there are animals everywhere, farm and wild. If you feel observed at some point, look around you, surely there are some looking at you.

6. Some of these animals may run after you

In general, all females become very protective when they have offspring, so be careful if you pass near a nest of birds with young or you approach to sheep that you have given birth.

 In the case of the cows, it is not necessary that there is a calf, if someone stares at you better than you move away slowly and without taking your eyes off. Otherwise you might discover that the cows also run.

7. You will still be able to wear white, although for other reasons

In the big cities pollution spoils the linen immediately; in the field, the earth, the mud and the dung of cows and horses will not leave a piece of white clothing alive. Actually, neither white nor any other light color.

8. People will talk to you on the roads

At first it will seem strange; You may even find it uncomfortable. And it will take a while to lose the habit of grabbing the wallet or changing the bag when a stranger approaches you. But sooner or later you’ll end up trusting.

9. You will know the names of your neighbors

And whose children they are, and even who they sleep with.

10. It’s sooooo cold

In cities, the distribution of streets and buildings protect us from wind and rain. In the countryside, on the other hand, the most you can take refuge under a leafy tree, as long as there is no wind, of course, otherwise it will rain everywhere.

11. Your new neighbors will laugh at how warm you are

And they are still in the shirt! You cannot understand how they get it, but in reality they get along well. You’ll get used to it. Meanwhile, listen to the proverb

You walk hot, people laugh!

13. There are lots of bars and churches

But hardly Books or theaters.

14. You’ll look awkward for some things

Mounds of earth, tree roots, stone paths … Of course, you’re used to sidewalks …

15. You’ll see your friends less often

Your new house is a little out of order; They can not longer approach a moment for coffee. A tip: make a pool. At least you’ll see them in summer.

16. You will not get angry again for a few minutes of delay  anymore

If you ask someone who lives in the country at what time the bus passes, they will probably shrug or may even laugh. It’s not because of bad manners.

Soon you will realize that in the rural buses pass by on clock. They can be delayed for more than half an hour and even, sometimes, simply do not happen, in which case you’ll have to arm yourself with patience and wait for the next one to appear.

17. Tomatoes have flavor

Seriously, they have flavor. You could eat them alone, as if they were a fruit.

18. The eggs are red

Well, the yolk is the one that is red. Yes, you read well: RED. You will see it when you disc

19. Internet and mobile coverage do not reach everywhere

Depending on which area you move to, your smartphone may not be very useful .

20. Sooner or later you end up buying a pair of water boots

Do not resist.

 It is the only way to travel the roads in the countryside when it rains and survive the mud. Although now they are also fashionable in the city. If you have a car, everything is solved.

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