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3 Levers to Improve Financial Growth for Women Entrepreneurs

For women to pull up their financial muscles in the world of self-employment, they need to pull up their socks too.

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As they say, what a man can do, women can do better.

Let’s look at three ways to improve the financial growth of women entrepreneurs.

1. Break Your Unconscious Financial Glass Ceiling

A research on the relationship with money has shown that there exists in each of us a maximum amount beyond which we do not go. This amount can be expressed in monthly or annual sales, in number of customers or in the amount of a maximum fee or even in remuneration.

For example, among women entrepreneurs who have had an employed life before, noticed a difficulty in getting paid more than their former salary.

Why that ? On the one hand because the glass ceiling is by nature unconscious. It is therefore difficult to act on a habit that is not conscious. And on the other hand, because breaking the glass ceiling amounts to greatly expanding its comfort zone. In doing so, a series of uncomfortable emotions will set in and block the process: irrational fears such as the prospect of tax control, or limiting beliefs like having to work more to make more income, to be afraid to earn more than his companion, etc.

It is therefore important to become aware of your own unconscious glass ceiling and work on it to break it in order to elevate your results.

2. Unmask your projections against money

Obviously, money is a currency and an exchange value, a means to be remunerated in return for the value created by your services or products.

But not only. One could say that this utilitarian function is the stack side of the money.

On the face, money is a projection surface of your ideas.
For some of you, money represents freedom, security, or power. For others who read me, money represents evil, injustice or stress (having too much, not enough, or having to pay more taxes).

And there is no true and universal answer to what money is all about because all is projection.

Without conscious work, the projection remains. For example, you believe that money = security so you never stop collecting money in your business and every expense or investment is stressful.

Another example, if money is synonymous with freedom for you, you project your freedom on money. Concretely in your life as an entrepreneur, chances are you will have to run after the money to try to recover your freedom. You are therefore unable to feel free if you do not have money.

The antidote to this functioning is to dissociate yourself from those parts of the money to which you have unconsciously associated yourself. Come back to the present moment. I am sure that at this very moment when you read to me you are free and safe. Right now. It is the same for every other moment of your life. It’s up to you.


3.Discover your internal financial typology

Archetypes define typologies, patterns of functioning that build personality and different areas of life. So even without knowing it, you have one or more archetypes that define your style of entrepreneur, manager and investor within your business.

Knowing your personal typology in terms of money is therefore essential for the business leader that you are.

There is an unlimited number of archetypes. They can be found in the mythological systems, the original cosmogonies as well as in the universal tales and myths.



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