3 Ways To Study Without Spending Money In Kenya

If you are one of those people who do not like to be stopped and with nothing to do and, above all, like to be always informed about what is going on around them, then this is undoubtedly an article that you should read.

For most people, and in the global perspective of society, people are born, attend primary school, then up to high school and from here they may or may not continue with their studies.

 Most people continue, at least until the conclusion of the Degree. From there, the job search in the labor market happens.

There are those who think that a large part of the students who, even during their curricular time, did curricular internships, have a higher employability rate than those who chose not to do so.

However, from the moment you enter the labor market, time is getting shorter and normally the priorities and responsibilities will be different.

With that in mind, we prepared a Top 3 on How to Study Without Spending Money:


Scholarships are, without a doubt, the best way to reward the work, commitment and drive of any student. Currently, there are several types of scholarships that students can access: scholarships sponsored by financial institutions and those from the Ministry of Education.

Online Courses and Workshops

Online courses are the most there are and, strange as it may seem, more than 80% of them are free and well didactic for those who want to learn something related to certain topics specific issues.

Sometimes, what can happen and also the most usual is the fact that these courses, although they are free, are in English and may not have subtitles.

In addition to videos and tutorials, you also have access to exercises and, in some cases, online support.  


Another way to acquire new knowledge and grow, both on a psychological and intellectual level, is through travel.

It is clear that this type of adventure will certainly not be for all types of people, as it takes a considerable “dose” of courage and predisposition to meet the unknown and, still, be a safe person and do not let yourself go down with the various obstacles that may arise.

Apart from the plane travel aspect (which would necessarily have to be paid out of your pocket), the rest of the expenses can always be reduced.

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