4 Ways 2021 Kenyan First Year Students Can Save Money

Given the price of courses and textbooks, you have to find some ways to save some money to do your things.

Even if you have a part-time job, or on weekends, the truth is difficult to reconcile academic life with fun.

But, to help you, here are 4 tips to save money during your student days:

1. Forget cable TV

Why spend money on cable TV when you can watch all channels on the internet for free or at a reduced price? Sometimes it is preferable to opt for a faster internet and save on television packages. If you also have to save on the internet, choose to use Wi-Fi networks in public places (school, libraries, terraces, cafes, restaurants, etc.).

2.Inquire about student discounts

There are currently many stores and services with special student discounts, however, many students are still unaware of this. Cinemas, theater, hotels, restaurants, opticians, clothing stores and other entertainment spaces, mobile phone charges, etc. The only thing you have to have is the updated student card. Enjoy it while you can.

3. Happy Hour

Many restaurants have an excellent offer for their happy hour. You can take advantage of these times to meet with the other members of your group to do that group work and at the same time, take the time to have fun without spending a lot of money.

4. Perfect your culinary skills

Instead of spending money in restaurants or snacks on the terrace, try buying food at the supermarket, where you can always find weekly and monthly promotions.

This way you save a lot of money and you can also let your imagination run wild – or learn to cook from websites and cookbooks.

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