4 Alternatives To Finance Your University Education In Kenya

These 4 alternatives to finance higher education are ideas for low-income students studying at public universities or for those who wish to attend private higher education institutions in Kenya .

1) Scholarships and bursaries for students with low resources

They may be awarded scholarships under the social support system for the frequency of courses in institutions of higher education to students enrolled in professional senior technical courses , undergraduate courses and master .

Graduates or masters can also be awarded a scholarship which, in the period of 24 months after obtaining the degree, is undergoing professional training for the exercise of a profession.

Scholarships come large from NGOs, private institutions, public and county governments

2) HELB Loans

Higher Loans and Educations Board provides key loans to students who have excelled in KCSE exams but have no funds to finance their school fees.

The loans are provided within the margins of Ksh.35,000 to a maximum of Ksh.75,000

3) International scholarships

International well wishers who could be individuals or even private organisations, governments have been sponsoring students in Kenya.

You just need proof showing you are a bright student with no financing capacities

4) Grants

Grants are also another source of funding which directly comes to students from the donors.

Again, here students need to show high interest in education and need for money.

They also come in handy during projects

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