4 Career Subjects That Promise Guaranteed Employment

Choosing a career is never easy. So it is important to think carefully about your choice. Among the factors that you should take into consideration, your interests, skills and abilities should be a priority, but it is also important to consider the current employment situation in the area.

Even with the labor market contracting due to the crisis, some professions promise to stand out in the coming years.

Below, discover 4 areas that promise to be interesting for new professionals:


To grow, any country needs energy. The two main sources of energy are currently oil and renewable energy sources.

Kenya has stood out more and more in the resource and innovation in the area of ​​renewable and low polluting energies.

The search for new, more profitable sources of clean energy also promises to heat up the sector, as all countries increasingly seek to limit their dependency on oil, a source of energy that releases too many polluting gases.


Students in the Administration, Economic Sciences, Foreign Trade, International Relations, Human Resource Management and Marketing courses always have many internship positions to choose from.

The reason that all companies look for students or graduates in these courses is due to globalization, which has made all companies need people capable of taking care of business and communicating with the whole world.


The innovation and competitiveness among businesses make the demand for professionals who deal with technology and computers increase more and more.

The pace at which new tools and needs emerge is not as fast as that of professionals who graduate from the market. Therefore, students graduating from courses such as Information Systems, Information Technology Management, Telecommunications Engineering, Computer Networking, Computer Science, Systems Analysis and Development and Computer Engineering have guaranteed opportunities.


The concern with the quality of life increases more and more. Thus, as the average life expectancy in the country. The demand for professionals specialized in caring for the elderly tends to increase, as well as new products and services for the population concerned with aging with quality. In the future there will continue to be opportunities for graduates in Medicine, Gerontology, Physical Education, Sports and Leisure, Physiotherapy, Nutrition, Speech Therapy, Music Therapy, Naturology, Nursing and Pharmacy.

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