4 Tips For Finding Your First Job In 2020

Without professional experience it becomes more difficult to get a good job opportunity in your area of ​​training. That is why it is important to make good use of the years you are at the university to also invest in curricular or professional internships.

 It is not easy to leave college and look for your first job with just the curriculum. As much as a recent graduate candidate has done internships, and has even managed to accumulate experience in the area, to be selected for the vacancy, he still needs to pass with distinction in the interview and in the dynamics presented throughout the recruitment process. Passing these last stages becomes easier with some focus and work and for that we leave here some tips:

1.Use the interview to demonstrate that you meet everyone with all the minimum requirements required

The vast majority of recruiters ponder factors such as academic performance, extracurricular activities and social life. The candidates who stand out are those who show interest in building a career and who hope to move up quickly, as they are usually those who are willing to work harder. Try to prove all your skills presented in the curriculum in the initial interviews, whether in person or by phone. Remember that the candidates who stand out in the interviews are those who know how to present real examples of teamwork instead of using hypothetical scenarios.

2.Get to know the company you are applying for

Before the interview do not forget to do your homework and carefully study the official websites and social networks of the companies to which you are applying. You can, for example, ask in closed employment groups associated with the employment area.

Although the type of information available varies from company to company, it is possible to analyze important issues, such as values ​​or the area of ​​operation and markets.

3.Why are you applying for this position?

Some companies are giving preference to recent graduates, many are betting more on qualified employees, but you must be willing to wear the shirt. Accepting a job for which you are not motivated or able to take on can be a risk, as most companies can detect the motivation, or lack thereof, of their employees.

4.Get out of the box

Employers value candidates who are sociable and willing to take risks, leaving out of the box to stand out from the rest of the candidates. The most daring candidates can more easily achieve their goals and objectives. In the job market, there is no room for shyness and insecure attitudes.

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