4 Steps On How To Get Your First Job In 2021

It is not easy to leave college and look for your first job with just the curriculum. As much as the recent graduate has done internships and even has experience in the area, it is necessary to pass with distinction in the interview and in the dynamics presented during the recruitment process, in order to guarantee the vacancy.

It is therefore necessary to work and study ways to overcome this moment. Below are four ways to improve your chances of getting a good job:

1 – Demonstrate to your potential bosses that you have complete mastery of the basic requirements

The vast majority of recruiters consider the mix between academic performance, extracurricular activities and social life to be normal. The candidates who stand out, however, are always those who show an interest in building a career and who think about moving up quickly (because they are the ones who are willing to work harder). To prove your skills, always be very specific in the preliminary interviews. Candidates who excel in interviews are those who talk about real examples of teamwork rather than inventing hypothetical situations.

2- Study carefully the official websites of each of the employers.

The amount of information available and important to the candidates may vary according to each company, but some websites contain very important keys to know how to deal with each institution. They also offer data that allow the assessment to find out whether or not it fits the desired profile. On some pages, for example, there is a list of requests as a good average in the TOEFL (exam related to fluency in English) and also in the certificates of courses in Accounting, Finance, Economics, Computer Science among others. Those who do not fit into any of the required categories should not send the curriculum.

3 – Think carefully why you want to work in a specific company

Companies that want to grow are giving preference to recent graduates, but you must be willing to work in that field. Accepting a job that is not in your chosen area, or if you do not consider yourself capable of taking the job, is a point against your development in the future. Most companies are able to detect this feeling in an employee – and this greatly hinders the selection process.

4 – Have audacity

More than any other point mentioned, the employer seeks someone who is sociable, daring and who is willing to stand out. Managers see that a bold employee is able to achieve her or her goals and objectives. In the job market, there is no room for shyness and insecure attitudes.

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