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8 TED Talks That Every Student In 2021 Needs To See

The international non-profit foundation TED gives lectures in different regions of the world, with the aim of disseminating good practices and ideas in the most varied areas.

Most of the time, TED Talks are carried out by experts and personalities and can contribute a lot to the learning process.

We have prepared a list of 8 videos that any student cannot miss.

To know:

1 –  Dan Pink and the amazing science of motivation

Discover how to stimulate your inner potential and feel motivated with this video in which Dan Pink analyzes the theme from science.

2 –  Steve Jobs: how to live before you die
In an inspiring speech in 2005, the founder of Apple, Steve Jobs, tells details about his life trajectory. “Remembering that you are going to die is the best way I know of someone to avoid the trap of thinking they have something to lose,” he said.

3 –  Arthur Benjamin does “mathematics”
If you are passionate about the world of complex equations, do not miss the opportunity to attend this lecture with the mathematician Arthur Benjamin, who challenges three calculators.

4 –  Mae Jemison: teaching art and science together
The astronaut and doctor Mae Jaminson tells us her stories trying to stimulate the logical reasoning and creativity of the viewers.

5 –  Simon Sinek: how great leaders inspire us
How can great leaders like Martin Luther King inspire people? This is the theme of one of the most influential speakers in the world of TED.

6 –  Elon Musk: the mind behind Tesla, Spacex and Solarcity
The billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk discusses the innovation processes involved in projects like Tesla and comments on the future of sustainable energy.

7 –  Deb Roy: the birth of the word
The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) researcher explains how he studied his son’s language acquisition process. To complete the investigation, he analyzed 90,000 hours of footage.

8 –  Meg Jay: why aren’t 30 the new 20?
Through real stories, the American psychologist gives advice to young people who want to build a legacy for the future.

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