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4 Things That Is Wrong With Kenyan Startup Entrepreneurs

Among the man startups that have been started in Kenya, very few live to earn a profit from their iniative.

Here, we look at what is wrong with Kenyan entrepreneurs, and this great negative effective can be corrected


Education system in Kenya is meant to churn out job seekers, not job creators.

Thus , many youths are not properly trained on how to start a business.

However, one can take up a few months or even two years in a small entrepreneurship course


Business startups are not innovative, but rather a business done like someone else.

Thus it creates market competition. But being unique and creative to create a product that is not in the market will land a business its future

Problem solving

Most businesses in Kenya is all about buy and re-sell, thus not looking at other problems that have been left unsolved.

Infact, there are very few entrepreneurs in Kenya, the rest are just retailers who buy, repackage and sell the same product that is overflooded in the market


Like above, many business don’t have a purpose , but rather to make profits.

What one needs to understand is that a business success is not pegged on making profit, but its purpose to exist.

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