4 Tips For Ending A Relationship Without Hurting Or Ending Up Hated

Ending a relationship is not easy and especially when they have done everything to try to make it work, but still you know that it is time to say “goodbye” to that person who has shared months or years with you, but calm, if the couple love is over, we give you the best tips to end a relationship without hurting or ending hated.

If lately the idea of ​​leaving your partner has crossed your mind on more than one occasion, it is because clearly something is wrong with your relationship and at this point you have two options: or you detect the factor that is failing between the two to change and improve the situation or have already tried it on more than one occasion and, for mental health, it is better to let go and let go.

If you already thought about it and decide to end your relationship, enter the photo gallery that we prepared for you and follow the best tips to end a relationship without hurting or ending up hated.

How to know if I should end my partner:

The first thing you should do is organize your ideas, never make decisions when you are angry because you are not going to think clearly and you will only be carried away by an emotion that you can regret later.

Love and interest is over

Love is not tender, it also gets tired and ends and when in a relationship you no longer feel “fireworks” in the chest every time he or she kisses you, the passion is lost and there is not even an interest in being together is time to let go, since attraction, passion and affection are essential for a relationship to work.

Your partner is a toxic person to you

No couple relationship is perfect, but even if they have ups and downs, a couple is always (or well, almost always) going to try to bring out your most positive side and not make you feel defensive most of the time.

If you are with a possessive, dependent person, if he watches over you all the time, if he blackmails you, he gets angry and makes you feel guilty every time they argue, if he makes you doubt yourself and your abilities or if he doesn ‘t trust you, it never will, those types of people “suck” your energy and sooner or later you will get tired, why waste your time with someone like that?

Other reasons why it’s time to end a relationship are:

Constant infidelities, physical and verbal abuse, you do not feel yourself when you are with him, there is no interest in sharing time for both of you, you do not see a future with him, he promises that it will change and it is always the same situation.

In short, if you feel identified and have already reviewed the photo gallery of this note, you will know what you must do to take the final step because if it is already decided there is nothing to lose, remember that the most important thing is your mental health and your wellness.

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