4 Tips To Manage Couple Finances

A detail that few people will take into account when starting to live or marry someone is how they will manage their finances now that there are two, since the expenses they had before will change.

The reason for that is probably because people do not like to mix money with love.

However, poor management of finances can cause big problems with your boy and in more extreme cases cause the end of his love story.

Knowing this, YVK  offers some recommendations to do so:

1. Talk about money clearly and openly

Talk about what they think about money and also say what they would like to spend. So, you can find a middle point.

2. Maintain your own fund

Currently, in most relationships, both are responsible for taking money home. However, that does not mean that you cannot have a personal saving to give you certain likes

3. Build a finance plan

This will include fixed payments, such as electricity, telephone, insurance, food, Internet, credit cards and funds for emergencies or other problems that may arise.

4. Establish a method that helps them control their expenses

In this they will express the guidelines to which they commit themselves in the financial field. It is also important to establish a punishment so that both learn to respect it.

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