48 Harvard Online Courses That Are Totally Free #StayHomeChallenge

The University of Harvard, one of the most important educational campuses worldwide, brings you for free online courses 48 different ways so you choose the one that best suits your concerns. 

You can find courses touching on letters, mathematics, administration, history, computer science, religion, psychology, law and others. 

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Introduction to computer science
We already know the role of computers in today’s society. We practically use them daily and it would be impossible to have many of the activities that we do without their presence.

Introduction to family participation in education
The family nucleus is defining our education and vision of life. Here is a historical overview of the role of our parents and siblings and the way we learn certain patterns of behavior.

Humanitarian response to conflicts and disasters
Against the unpredictable behaviors of nature, little can be done. However, man must be prepared for public assistance in cases of natural disasters.

Poetry in America: Emily Dickinson
An exhaustive review of the sensitive work of one of the most influential poetesses in the United States and the world. Writers, literary teachers and poets, take it into account.

Buddhism through your writings
Review the history of one of the oldest philosophies that has reached millions of followers around the world. His writings will open the doors to the soul of this doctrine that teaches us the balance between us and our environment.

Masterpieces of world literature
If you are a devoted reader but you do not yet know what the fundamental works of world literature are, this course is your entrance to the total knowledge of the letters.

The Einstein Revolution
The life and work of the greatest scientist in history deserve to be reviewed again and again to understand its full extent. Historians, physicists, mathematicians and other student tribes … do not miss it.

Science improves the practice in health care
Ideal for doctors and people close to public health. Here you will learn all the modern techniques to offer high level medical care and raise the health of people.

The ancient Greek hero
Knows the exploits of the most important characters of Greek mythology: their battles, their legends, the dangers they fought and the most terrible monsters they faced.

The Ghost of Hamlet
One of Shakespeare’s major works continues to be the subject of study over the centuries. If you are an enthusiast of dramaturgy and British literature, this course is an excellent option to delve into this field.

Complete list of courses

  1. Contract Law: confidence to promise a contract
  2. The first days: the consecration of Igor Stravinsky’s spring: Modernism, ballet and riots
  3. Readings in global health
  4. Case studies in functional genomics
  5. High performance computing for reproducible genomics
  6. Introduction to linear models and matrix algebra
  7. Introduction to Data Wise: a collaborative process to improve learning and teaching
  8. Principles of AP Computer Science
  9. Entrepreneurship in emerging economies
  10. Prediction X: John Snow and the Cholera Epidemic of 1854
  11. Statistical inference and modeling for high performance experiments
  12. The opiate crisis in America
  13. Christianity through its writings
  14. Poetry in America: Modernism
  15. Energy within environmental constraints
  16. Cell biology: mitochondria
  17. Health and society
  18. Analysis of high-dimensional data
  19. The architectural imagination
  20. Python for research
  21. Super-Earths and life
  22. The book: realization and meaning in the medieval manuscript
  23. The book: the medieval book of Hours: art and devotion in the Late Middle Ages
  24. Health in numbers: quantitative methods in clinical and public health research
  25. Innovate in health care
  26. Hinduism through his writings
  27. Learning leaders
  28. Justice
  29. Principles of biochemistry
  30. Religious literacy: traditions and scriptures
  31. Ebola lessons: prevention of the next pandemic
  32. Anatomy X: musculoskeletal cases
  33. Bioethics: the law, medicine and ethics of technologies and reproductive genetics
  34. Poetry in America: the Civil War and its consequences
  35. Islam through its Scriptures
  36. Poetry in America: the poetry of Early New England
  37. Entrepreneurship and healthcare in emerging economies
  38. Poetry in America: Whitman


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