10 Issues Peter Ndegwa Must Immediately Streamline At Safaricom

New Safaricom incoming CEO must act immediately and swiftly on 10 key issues that have been bedeviling Kenyan customers for close to a decade.

Bringing in fresh air, experience and expertise, Peter Ndegwa has got a huge task that must be addressed to it’s loyal customers amounting to more than 18 million.

Here are 10 issues he must address as soon as possible

1.Data Bundles

CEO Ndegwa must address the issue of internet bundles aka internet data that mysteriously or magically vanishes before the customers are made aware.

Safaricom customers have since complained on the magic that keeps ‘stealing ‘ their data.


Mpesa is slowly losing credibility and reliability among it’s customers.

On several occasions, most conmen have infiltrated Safaricom and are now working from inside.

He must sought out this ASAP.

He should also lower the MPESA sending, receiving and other service charges


A similar case to mobile internet data, Safaricom needs to reduce their calling rates as well as good airtime management units.

Customers have raised issues on their airtime also ‘magically’ vanishing.


There is no doubt Safaricom has been at the centres of many fraud cases. CEO Ndegwa needs to address how fraudsters have collaborated with the inside employees to commit crimes.

Cases of former employees coming back to commit crimes through loopholes must be addressed.


With a mammoth of 18 million customers, it needs to be the most reliable network in Kenya.

However, several MPESA and other services have suffered frequent outages week in week out.

Something not pleasing for Safaricom that CEO Ndegwa must address

6.Data Theft

Safaricom is suffering from rampant data theft.

Fears of crucial data belonging to Kenyans have been raised on several occassions.

Data from the customers need proper and secure management


Incase of an outage or service break-down, Safaricom need to inform affected customers.

Recently, this has been rarely been observed.


Safaricom must stay away from politics and act as an independent entity.

Similarly, during elections it should also be non-partisan and ensure Kenyans get services they pay for.

Besides, it needs to be a role model in championing good governance and denounce bad government

9.Customer Care Service

I do not understand how such a vital key Safaricom has hugely ignored.

Safaricom Care centres are highly flooded with customers in need who make ques for the whole day.

This should not be allowed to happen since it’s a spat in the face of a loyal customer.

Improve efficiency at centres and allow customers to spent a maximum of three hours when they visit for help

10.Call Centres

The same issue calls for the Call Centres to be effective.

Improve the customer care service via calls and ensure human resources are always online to help the customers

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