8 Sites To Create Your Curriculum Vitae Online During COVID-19 Outbreak

Considering the high number of applicants that each job offer receives, it is essential that CV  includes a creative element, so that it stands out and captures the attention of the recruiter.

So that you can create a resume that describes you and highlights your skills , but that is also attractive , here are 8 websites that offer various templates, resources and tips to create your CV .

1. Resume.com

This site not only serves to create and edit your curriculum vitae, but also offers the possibility of sharing it on different social networks.

2. Do You Buzz

Here you will find more than 20 templates to create your résumé in digital or paper format . It also offers the possibility to share it through Facebook or Twitter and send it to those companies that are selecting personnel. Also, in the event that someone searches for your name on Google, this platform will make your CV appear as the first result .

3. Resume Baking

Here you will find examples or templates of CVs according to your profession or area of ​​activity.

4. Visual CV

This platform offers dozens of examples of curriculums and templates for you to create yours. One of its most outstanding features is the translator, which allows you to translate your CV to different languages, such as German, English or Chinese. It also offers guides to draw up cover letters and to take a photo to include in your resume.

5. Be What You Want

It is a proposal of the Government of the City of Buenos Aires, which offers a platform where you can edit your curriculum vitae, as well as advice on guidance and job search and recommendations to attend job interviews.

6. CV Maker

Through this site you can create, edit and share your curriculum vitae completely free of charge, in addition to exporting it to different formats, such as .PDF, .HTML and .TXT.

7. Resumonk

This site offers more than 100 templates to create your CV , although it should be noted that the vast majority requires a Premium account, that is, pay. You can download them in PDF format and share them through LinkedIn.

8. CuVitt

Finally, on this site you can create curriculums that include high quality visual components , such as graphics or bars. It is a free tool that will also allow you to share your digital resume through a link.

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