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5 Benefits Of Living A Toxic Relationship

If you have ever experienced a toxic relationship, you will have already seen the benefits of having left behind. But if you’ve fallen into this post it’s because maybe you’re out there wondering what to do with your life. Calm down, you’re in good hands!


Couple relationships are not always the nest of love that we hoped for and can complicate our lives quite a lot. We do not want complications or risks in love, why not? We tell you why you should say goodbye is toxic relationship.
Why is it so hard for you to say goodbye to that toxic relationship

The hard part is making the decision, right? Recognize reality, be aware of the danger and accept that you must flee as soon as possible from a toxic partner that is making you unhappy. Why does it cost so much to leave a toxic relationship?

1 Because you do not realize. It happens many times that you are abducted by your partner, that you are so enamored or so hooked or so much that you can not see those warning signs, those behaviors full of poison that are destroying your happiness.

2 Because you think it will change. That you see perfectly that your partner is not the ideal man, that his behavior leaves much to be desired, but you think that will change. Change for love is a myth of Hollywood cinema that rarely becomes a reality. And then there is fear.

3 For fear of being alone. You’re afraid of being single because you think it’s tantamount to being alone, but it’s not like that. Not having a partner does not always lead to loneliness. And even if it were, do not you believe in that popular wisdom that says it is better alone than in bad company?

4 For fear of not being able. More fears, such as thinking that you will not be able to leave your partner, or that you will not be able to overcome the break. Remove that fear because even the worst breaks are overcome and you can always ask for help to get it.

5 For fear of his reaction. Another thing is that you are terrified of his reaction when you leave him. Here we enter more dangerous terrain where yes or you will have to ask for professional help, but it is worth the effort because your happiness is at stake.
The benefits you’ll enjoy when you run away from that toxic relationship

It costs to get it, it costs to realize and costs to flee, but it does not cost so much when you consider all the benefits of leaving a toxic relationship. You can only win here.

1 You gain in health. Your physical health suffers when you live in misery. Emotional problems generate more or less obvious physical ailments. So if you want to have a healthier life, run away from that toxic relationship.

2 You win in stability. Logically when you leave a bad relationship you win in stability and emotional balance. It seems as if the entire Universe has recovered its order and its calmness. Now that you are calm, you can start a new life.

3 You gain fear. Leaving a toxic relationship makes you a more powerful person because you have overcome fear. That fear of which we spoke and that takes on multiple variants, disappears as soon as you make the decision to get as far away from that person as possible.

4 You gain in self-esteem. It is true that self-esteem suffers with a partner breakup, but this does not happen in the case of toxic relationships. Your self-esteem increases as you free yourself from a toxic person who would not let you be happy.

5 You gain independence. Of course you also gain independence, an indispensable tool if you want to take the reins of your life and be happy. You can do it as soon as you let out your true personality.

6 You win in happiness. In general, you gain in happiness, which is the goal in this life. You leave a toxic relationship and recover your friends, your environment, your tastes, ultimately, your life. A life that begins a new stage and you can now create as you like.

Always remember that in case of toxic relationship, fleeing is not cowards, but intelligent and fighters. You deserve something better.




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