Do You Have Very Violent Or Strange Dreams? If So, You Should Worry

We all have nightmares, and it’s kind of in the beginning we would not have to worry too much. But things change when they become particularly aggressive and violent experiences. These dreams are so unpleasant and realistic, that the person who suffers them violently shakes between the sheets, screams in terror even when asleep, and may even fall out of bed.

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Another similar phenomenon is the so-called sleep paralysis, a distressing disorder that makes the person feel unable to perform any voluntary movement, while in an intermediate state between sleep and wakefulness.

Now, a study by researchers at the University of Toronto in Canada reveals that there is a relationship between having such ultra-violent nightmares very often and the risk of developing dementia over the years.

Previous studies have already revealed this relationship, with alarming results, since between 65 and 80% of volunteers from various experiments (all affected by this type of disorder) end up developing dementia or some neurological disease.

But now, the study in Canada not only confirms these data but also seems to have discovered the cause. And the origin of the problem lies in the brainstem brain, where researchers discovered the existence of seriously damaged cells. And they were the same ones that were also fatally altered in the case of patients with senile dementia and with other neurological disorders.

The link seems to be confirmed more and more, and the study’s authors are convinced that those terrifyingly violent dreams may be signs that anticipate the onset of a brain disease decades in advance.

Of course, the researchers also clarify that everyone can suffer this type of dreams sporadically, something that should not be of concern. But the alarm should go on when the person has them recurring.



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