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5 Benefits Of Kissing With Love

There are all kinds of them, from the occasional , passionate , boring to loving . The kisses are an expression that help improve the relationship partner , so today we share five benefits of kissing with love .

With love they know better

Kissing is intimate , it reaches the center of your heart and spirit because it is a way of expressing and receiving love . A kiss a day can take you away from the doctor, says Andréa Demirjian , in the book Kisses: Everything you always wanted to know about one of life’s sweetest pleasures .

Although a kiss in itself produces numerous benefits due to the chemical changes that occur in the body, giving them with love generates advantages for the relationship . According to experts, these are some of the benefits .

1. Build trust in the relationship. A loving kiss in the morning is one of the methods that will make your partner remember you throughout the day .

2. Kissing increases self-esteem. Andréa Demirjian explains that kissing makes you feel loved and connected to your partner, since it stimulates the production of endorphins , a substance that causes pleasure and well-being . He adds that the people who kiss the most often are happy , optimistic and confident.

3. Determine compatibility.  Kissing is the ideal way to check a sexual partner’s compatibility before getting emotionally involved , Demirjian believes .

4. Cheers up your day. Demirjian explains that when there are financial problems, illnesses or other concerns, a kiss with sincere love changes the perspective of things.

In fact, Wilfred Laurier University in Canada confirms that couples who kiss each other goodbye in the morning increase their life expectancy by five years, miss little work and have a 25% lower risk of suffering work and traffic accidents .

5. You increase empathy with your partner. The neurologist Vilayanur Ramachandran of the University of California , concluded in their research that kisses stimulate neurons mirror in the brain , which helps increase empathy and reduce inhibitions between couples.

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