5 Best Apps For Kenyan Students Studying Abroad

There are countless apps that can help you studying abroad, here we present some of the most useful!

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FaceTime is a good way to communicate with someone on the other side of the planet, but it is not very useful when trying to talk to someone with Android or a PC. However, Skype works on all operating systems as long as both users have Skype installed and an account is open.

Just make sure you’re using it on your WiFi network, to avoid unnecessarily spending your mobile data plan.



There is nothing worse than going on vacation and realizing that you forgot to pack your laptop’s charger.

Well, there is something even worse and it’s going to study for months and realize that you forgot your laptop’s charger. There are really countless things worse than that, but you know what I mean.

When traveling to a university or college there will be a lot that you should remember to take. Decreases stress by using an application such as TripList.


Google Translate

When traveling to a country where another language is spoken, there will always be times when it is a challenge to communicate. Although it is not accurate, Google Translate can help you a bit.

Maybe it will not help you translate your ideas and feelings perfectly, but it can help you with directions, ordering food in a restaurant or finding a bathroom in moments of despair.

And when an application is free, there is not much more you can demand.



While studying abroad you will want to keep record of as much as you can.

Photos, audio recordings, notes and written ideas, you can collect all of them in Evernote and categorize them, without having to waste time looking for a pencil and a sheet of paper to write on.

With Evernote you can file handwritten notes and take photos of what you have written so as not to risk losing something.

In this sense, you can use Evernote as a journal, keeping track of all your thoughts and desires while traveling. You’ll appreciate it a lot over time, believe me.



If you find yourself in a new place, AroundMe helps you quickly get familiar with your surroundings by finding the nearest bank, bar, gas station, hospital, cinema, hotel, restaurant, supermarket, theater and taxi station.

Of course you will never want to feel lost in a new place, and this is where your phone is quite useful.




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