5 Common Mistakes That Teachers Make With Technology

Incorporating technology into the classroom requires concrete strategies that guarantee its use.

For teenagers, using social networks, online tools, electronic devices and even surfing online can be a daily task. The so-called digital natives, who grew up with ICT, do not present problems to adapt to them.

However, there are other generations with limited ICT management. This is the case of the so-called digital immigrants, who observed how, little by little, the activities of their daily lives were reorganized around technology.

Precisely because of having to adapt to the presence, use and possibilities of ICT, older generations can make some mistakes with their use.

This is particularly dangerous in the case of teachers, who within educational environments must train students for the professions of the future.

That, inevitably, the world will be technological, education must adapt to this reality. That is why teachers need to stop making certain mistakes regarding ICT, its uses and applications:

1) Do not plan

Incorporate devices but not use strategies, forgetting the importance of them to define the destination of the lessons.

2) Refusing to understand

At the beginning it may be difficult to understand certain aspects, but before that, the best possible attitude is positive.

Refusing to learn, preferring to handle oneself constantly through old ways that students do not connect with, can seriously affect the formation of them.

3) Pursue fashions

While it is true that the innovation of educational methods is essential, technology advances at a faster pace than the teachers themselves and their processes.

Pursuing it to keep up with the latest advances can be a real waste of time.

4) Monopolize the reading

If you incorporate technology, but only to send your students to read, the teaching system continues as before. The use of technology is directly associated with multiplatform spaces and the diversity of options.

5) Do not listen

Students can teach their teachers a lot about the use of ICT in the classroom. For this, teachers need to learn to listen to their needs and opinions.

The rapid changes both in the world of technology and in education make these typical errors

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