5 Damages That Hair Dyes Cause To Your Health

It is normal that most women have the need to look different in the mirror and look more attractive, however, have you thought about the risks involved in using hair dye?

According to different studies and specialists, various damages are generated by the use of hair dye , especially if the application is constant; so it is necessary that you think about what is more important to you: health or appearance.

Avoid damage to your health

1. Bladder cancer

According to a study carried out by the Division of Occupational and Environmental Medicine in Lund , Sweden, frequent use of hair dyes or continuous exposure to them increases cancer-causing chemicals in the blood (carcinogenic aromatic amines and o-toluidines ), related to bladder cancer.

2. Damage your cuticle

The cosmetic chemistry Ni’Kita Wilson, executive director of Catalyst Development and Cosmetic Cuannane Elizabeth Phillips points out that hair dyes raise the hair cuticle.

3. Destroy your hair color

With the use of hair dyes, peroxide must be applied, which removes the natural pigment, dries the hair and weakens it.

4. Hair loss

The dermatologist Gloria Garnacho points out that hair dyes with high concentrations of monoethanolamine and hydrogen peroxide promote hair loss.

5. Allergic reactions

Some ingredients in hair dyes generate itching, burning and hives, so it is best to test a small portion area before applying it completely.

Ideally, you should highlight the color of your hair with attractive hairstyles, but, if you want to dye it, it is best to use temporary semi-permanent dyes, which disappear after eight weeks of application.

Take care of your health and do not risk it, it is valid to want to change your appearance, but in a responsible way. Go to a specialist and ask about the options that will harm your hair and health the least .

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