How To Plant Lemon In A Cup To Perfume And Decorate Your Home

Sometimes we do not know why, but that our house acquires an unpleasant aroma or simply, it does not smell anything! It is a reality, which could have a simple solution: plant lemon in a cup. Yes, you do not need to put a flavoring in every corner, you just require a touch of nature.

Why lemon?

To start, it is an excellent food. According to the Spanish Nutrition Foundation, this citrus is rich in B vitamins (B1, B2, B3 and B6), in addition to vitamin C and P. But also, it is an excellent disinfectant, it eliminates bacteria and fungi, and a Flavoring so effective that it can wipe out any odor, including wet and fishy.

How to plant lemon in a cup? Here the step by step:

1. Remove the seeds of approximately 10 to 5 lemons. eye! Make sure they are complete, neither broken nor cut, and place them in a glass of clean water to hydrate them.

2. Notice which seeds sink and which float. The ones that go to the bottom of the cup are the ones that serve.

3. Drain the seeds and remove excess water with a paper napkin.

4. Remove the water from the cup and put black soil, it must be damp but not excessively.

5. Arrange the seeds in a circular shape, covering most of the soil or mouth of the bowl.

6. Cover with a small layer of tape.

7. Between 9 to 15 days you will have the first seedlings peeking out. At this time water with an atomizer every morning and if possible at night.

When the seedlings hinder each other, they molt individually. You can plant them in a pot. Its growth is slow, it will take between 6 to 7 months and its maximum to be measured will be one and a half meters. Perfect for the house!

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