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5 Easy Ways Comrades Can Make Cash Without Missing Lectures

Don’t be too broke! Are you looking for how to make money in Kenya University? Are you a student who wants to make money at the university? You were most likely looking for ways of getting cash in Kenyan universities, right? Well, we’ll give you exactly that!


Here are some of the tips that will guide you into becoming a millionaire while still a university student. Life on campus is quite a challenge.

Especially, if you are a JAB or government sponsored student, you obviously know how hectic it is to be in a low income family. But very many other Private Sponsorship Student Program (PSSP) have more problem that you do! Here are ways you can earn money while still at the university and at least, earn your living.


  1. Join the school’s work and study program


Never despise a job- any. Most universities in Kenya are keen enough to have their students’ access different ways in which they can earn by working for the school. Here, you are allowed to be a school worker while at the same time being a student. Most students actually survive on this- so don’t get too broke!

  1. Sell stuff


Have you ever thought about selling a few items for upkeep? Well, there’s high demand for snacks, photocopy, stationery, foodstuffs and movie services. If you try vending these things, you are sure you’re not going to spend a night hungry!


  1. Marketing

There are several companies out there who need to recruit people and you got to be one of them. Any company needs a large market base and the university is a perfect ground for this! Apply at these and market their products. Be it a bank, insurance companies, manufacturers etc… Just try your way out!


  1. Explore your talent!

This sounds rather too much to do. Many Africans don’t have the belief that talent is important anymore- at least, not in Kenya! But that’s not the case. A large number of students have found their way to success by simply exploring what they like.

Why sleep hungry or lack fees while you have such an awesome voice? C’mon- go out there and make a future! Do voice over, go entertain people, be an MC, showcase your acrobatic skills, design logos etc. you have the talent right in your hands and bloodstream!


  1. Make money online!


Well, millions of students across the world are earning millions online. These jobs are mainly writing jobs. But you do not have to panic if you are not such good a writer. We can give you perfect guidelines of becoming a good online writer.

But as well, you can explore other avenues such as Forex, Gold and Silver, Oil etc. all these are online businesses! But still, there are other simple ones like blogging, product review, online marketing as well as product marketing.


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