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5 Foolish Kenyan Civilians Who Have Been Recorded Assaulting Police Officers

The law in Kenya is very clear when it comes to civilians assaulting police officers while in line of keeping peace and security.

If a legal court finds a Kenyan guilty of offending a police officer related to assault, they risk a fine not exceeding 1 million, a 10 year imprisonment or both.

The above statement is enshrined in Section 103 (a) of the National Police Service Act No. 11 (A) of 2011

“Any person who— (a) assaults, resists or willfully obstructs a police officer in the due execution of the police officer’s duties; (b) assaults, resists or willfully obstructs any person acting in aid of the police officer; (c) attacks an animal belonging to the Service; or (d) intentionally or recklessly, destroys police property, commits an offence and shall be liable on conviction to a fine not exceeding one million shillings or to imprisonment for a term not exceeding ten years, or to both.”

Parliament have also been given enough powers in Chapter 14 Section 243 (4) of the Kenyan constitution that enacts powers to safeguard and enable police execute its services.

In chapter section 244 (a) and  (e), police are required to show the highest standards of professionalism and discipline as well as improving their relationship with members of the society.

Following recent cases of police being assaulted by the civilians, IPOA- The Independent Policing Oversight Authority has warned Kenyans against assaulting police officers.

We compiled few videos of police being assaulted by civilians in Kenya

1.Caning Anti-riot Police

2.Boda Boda rider fighting armed AP


3.Nakuru Motorist Fighting Police

4.A Prison officer fighting with a civilian at Milimani Court

5.Driver attacking armed police

An Administration Police officer fighting with a drunk truck driver has been hailed by social media after he was thought to have shown a remarkable restrain on using his gun

The officer’s life was put to danger but choose not to shoot the victim, in a country where police have been painted with huge extrajudicial killing, this officer is a good epitome of the idea behind policing mantra, Utumishi kwa wote

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