5 Habits That Are Putting Your Academic Year At Risk

Failing the year is one of the worst nightmares of students of all levels.

At the level of secondary education can be a traumatic to be seen as the “repeater” and have to be separated from your peers, and university level, delaying your career for another year can not only difficulties at the academic level: your pocket can also be extremely affected

If at this time of the year you have not yet managed to improve your grades, it is time to analyze what may be going wrong.

Here we present the 5 habits that are putting your academic year at risk

  1. You do not have an established routine

One of the most frequent mistakes made by students is not to establish a defined routine since the beginning of the year.

If you do not organize your calendar stipulating your study times, hobbies, delivery dates and extracurricular activities, the exams will come to you and you will not know where to start.

  1. Do not take notes

What is not written, is forgotten. It is demonstrated that students who take notes process information and transcribe it selectively, to process that greatly facilitates the incorporation of concepts and ideas when studying for an exam.

  1. Do not pay attention in class

In the same line of the previous point, if you spend your classes talking to your colleagues, playing with your cell phone or scribbling your notebook, you will never be able to retain anything. Never rest in books to understand the issues, sure your teachers explain them better in the classroom.

  1. You leave everything for the last moment

What is also known as procrastinating, is one of the worst habits you can have as a student, and if you cannot correct it in time, it can persecute you all your life.

Do not spend the night before a sleepless delivery or exam, you never know what can happen, and if something goes wrong, you will not have time to solve it.

  1. You do not respect your teachers

This does not necessarily mean that you are disrespectful or treat them badly. The respect to the academic authority also happens to demonstrate interest in class, not to generate disturbances, be kind, ask for feedback, etc.

Remember that having a good relationship with your teachers is never different; After all, they will be the basis of your future network of professional contacts.



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