5 Hot & Cute Photos Of Erick Omondi’s Wife Carol

Comedian Eric Omondi kicked off 2021 with a newly wed wife in house.

Carol Kamweru, the lucky woman, won Eric Omondi’s heart after scaling through a tough contest to be Omondi’s wife.

Well, the couple announced that they will now settle down and focus on their future.

Here are some interesting facts about Carol.

  1. Carol is a talented singer from Band Beca
  2. In her post after winning Eric Omondi Wife Material Show, Carol poured out her heart, noting that she had found a charming Prince in Omondi.
  3. On his side, Erick Omondi said that he had found his soul and was ready to start having kids
  4. Carol belongs to Band Beca, which is mainly used to give background vocals for musicians
  5. Band Beca have done background vocalists for several top artists in Kenya such as Wyre, Gravitti Band, Sport Pesa Festival artists, Camp Mulla, Radio and Weasel amongst others.
  6. Carol started singing while in class eight during a singing competition.
  7. Carol went to Sauti Academy where Band Beca (Becky and Carol) was founded by two girls.
  8. Band Beca was listed fourth in MTV Base acts to watch in 2017 beating Khaligraph and other great African acts
  9. The duo released a popular song in 2020 dubbed Brathe
  10. Carol aka Carol Kamweru sparked controversy when they were seen with Eric Omondi exchanging French Kiss on a board while in Mombasa


Hot Photos of Carol

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