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5 Ideas To Celebrate Valentine’s Day Without Spending Money

All couples – or almost all – like to celebrate Valentine’s Day in a special way.

Although love should be celebrated every day of the year, who does not like a day to be different and special?

Well, that’s what it is to celebrate Valentine’s Day, spend the day next to your boy in a way that both are totally connected.

And the best thing is, it is not necessary to leave the wallet shivering to make it special. If this year you are just budget but want to have a detail with your partner, take note of these five ideas to celebrate Valentine without spending money.

1. A romantic dinner

Maybe you think that to have a romantic movie dinner you have to spend money. On the contrary! It will be much more if you improvise tend to dinner at home.

You can let your partner surprise you with your favorite menu, cook what you like so much, or, what’s much better, cook together!

Ideally, do not miss the candles and that each dish carries a lot of love. The main course of the night does not have to be taken on the table .

2. Picnic

Going out on a picnic can also be a great idea since it is hardly expensive and it is a very romantic plan.

Prepare a basket with a couple of sandwiches, a drink, a tablecloth to put on the floor, some relaxing music ,and you just have to choose a beautiful park to enjoy nature.

3.A walk on the beach at sunset

If you really want it to be special and you live in a coastal city, you cannot leave the opportunity to stroll along the beach.

If you want it to be the most special, wait for the sunset to come and enjoy the play of light that is created in heaven. Take a towel to sit on the sand when you are tired and whatever happens.

4. A massage session

If your boy has a back, or not, give him a good massage! It’s about enjoying and relaxing, but the best way to end this home spa session is with an erotic massage. Let the passion flow and do not cut yourself .

5. A romantic bath

If you do not have money to go to a spa but would like to enjoy a bath, you do not need bubbles or hot springs to make it special.

Prepare the bath with foam, put music in the background, rose petals, essential oils in the water ,and enjoy yourself and your partner a good bath of hot water is the most romantic.

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