5 Interesting Condoms Of The Future

According to information from the Department of Health & Human Services (HHS) of the United States, the use of condoms is very effective in preventing pregnancy and the spread of disease; However, some scientists have created some proposals that will be the condoms of the future.

This initiative created by the Bill Gates Foundation, in order to design condom that is used by more people, due to its security and satisfaction guarantee during sexual encounters.

The main proposals of the project focus on new materials that mimic the skin tissue, as well as the technique to put them, so that is something quick and easy, to reduce errors and reduce the risk of an unwanted pregnancy or the transmission of a sexually transmitted infection

Out of 812 proposals, only 11 winners were chosen, of which, these are the five main ones, know them!


Researchers from the University of Manchester, in the United Kingdom, propose to develop new materials with nanomaterials such as graphene, which is adapted to improve the sensation during sexual intercourse.

2. Low cost.

A team from the Cambridge Design Partnership, in the United Kingdom, designed a male condom with anisotropic composite material, to give a universal fit and gently tighten during sexual intercourse, improve sensitivity and safety.

3. Biological condom.

A team from the University of Northwestern, in the United States, proposes to synthesize polymeric materials that mimic the properties of mucosal tissue to improve sensation and its easy manufacture.

4. Heat transfer.

The scientist Lakshminarayanan Ragupathy of HLL Lifecare, in India, hopes to improve the safety and sensitivity of male condoms by incorporating graphene. This material is elastic and strong that helps to conduct the heat.

5. No errors.

The researcher Willem van Rensburg of Kimbranox, in South Africa, designs a condom applicator to facilitate its use and prevent its incorrect placement. The goal is to put the condom in one movement.

The other proposals are to prevent condoms from breaking, allow heat transfer to give more natural sensitivity, the use of materials that make them thinner and softer.

At the moment, there are only condoms latex and polyurethane, either with or without lubricant; However, it does not matter the presentation, but the use and its correct application.

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