5 Kenyan Artists Named In YoutubeBlack Voices Class Of 2021

A number of Kenyan artists are part of the 132 creators and artists from around the world who are the inaugural #YoutubeBlack Black Voices Fund class of 2021.

This incredible group of artists is made up of several genres from the art industry, mainly comedians, beauty entrepreneurs, activists, personal trainers, gamers, and parents.

These creators are the first class to receive grants from the #YouTubeBlack Voices Fund, a multi-year initiative dedicated to uplifting and growing Black creators.

Here are Kenyan artists among the maiden Yout Tube class.

Kaluhis Kitchen

Nairobi, Kenya

Kaluhi’s Kitchen: Content creator and author Kaluhi Adagala started Kaluhi’s Kitchen in 2016 as a food channel for the everyday person looking to elevate Kenyan classics to a more fun and  modern version. Kaluhi uses local, sustainable, affordable, and easy to find ingredients, along with visual step-by-step guides for her unique recipes. Kaluhi loves telling stories through food and has been featured in the New York Times, Cosmopolitan, Food Network, and CNN. 

Mitchelle Adagala

Nairobi, Kenya

Mitchelle Adagala: Mitchelle Adagala is a Certified Personal Trainer and the owner & founder of THRIVE FITNESS. She started her YouTube channel in 2017 and focuses on all things health, wellness and fitness. 


Nairobi, Kenya

Mumo: Mumo is a photographer and videographer whose channel focuses on helping entrepreneurs. He provides business ideas, tips on how to get started as an entrepreneur, and step-by-step tutorials. Mumo is looking to inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs and help people all over the world get answers to their business questions.

Patricia Kihoro

Nairobi, Kenya

Patricia Kihoro: Patricia Kihoro is a Kenyan-based singer, actress, radio presenter, digital content curator, improv comedian, and entrepreneur who loves potatoes, travel, music, performance, working out, riding around Nairobi on boda bodas, and most of all, laughter. She started her channel in 2009, and returned to YouTube in 2017 to showcase  her city, her singing (sometimes to her food), her friends and family, travel, and festivals. Patricia loves to celebrate African brands, innovators, art, and culture with a strong bias towards music. She aims to have her audience leave in good spirits and with positive energy, having learnt something new. 

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